Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GRIS Sale Aftermath

As a result of the Greater Rochester Iris Society private and public sale I have a ton of new rhizomes.  I spent the weeks leading up to the sale helping to set up and the week since digging new beds and planting.

Most of what I acquired is from Mid-America.  Some from others that brought their own rhizomes to share as I took some of mine.

First lets look at what other members brought:

First this MTB (Miniature Tall Bearded), Aachen Elf.

'Aachen Elf' (Keith Keppel, 1997). IB 20" Mid
Then two siberians (SIB) from Donna Lowry, Band of Angels and Berlin Purple Wine.

'Band Of Angels' (Robert Hollingworth, 1996). SIB 31" (79 cm), medium late 
'Berlin Purple Wine' (Tomas Tamberg, R. 1993). SIB  36" (90 cm), Medium
Three IBs (Intermediate Bearded) that bloom a bit earlier than TBs. Here's Harlow Gold, Lemon Pop and Obligato.

'Harlow Gold' (Paul Black, R. 1981). Sdlg. B-80-41. IB, 25.5" (65 cm), M.

'Lemon Pop' (Larry Lauer, 1990) IB, 16 inches (41 cm), E
‘Obligato’ (Harold Stahly, R. 1988). Seedling 84-4. IB, 24" (60 cm), Mid 
As a door prize I won Lyrique, a BB (Border Bearded).

'Lyrique' (Barry Blyth, R. 1996). Sdlg. B110-2. BB, 20" (51 cm), ML
 And three Tall Bearded (TB) iris from members are now in my garden: Planned Treasure, Silhouette and Blackout.

'Planned Treasure' (E. Burger, R. 1985). Sdlg. P-3. TB, 34" (86 cm), Early-Late 
'Silhouette' (M. Dunn, R. 1988). Sdlg. M80-714C. TB, 36" (91 cm), M.
'Blackout' (Walter Luihn, R. 1985). Sdlg. 81-11. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML
There are also some SDB that were labeled "Panda Paws". Search as I might I cannot find this cultivar anywhere.

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