Monday, March 25, 2013

Thomas Johnson 2013 Introduced Medians

The medians for 2013 number nine.  My favorites at the end of this post.

'Ambitious One' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Early 12” (30cm) Lovely pastel plicata. Excellent foil for bolder more colorful irises. Strong growth. Sdlg. TC232A: Chart X Banded Tiger

'Beckoning' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)

(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Midseason 15” (38cm) Those big yellow beards will beckon you from across the yard. Makes a startling clump that can’t be ignored. Sdlg. TC269D: Pulsator X Film Star sib

'Code Of Honor' (IB T.Johnson 2013) 
(T.Johnson ‘13) IB Midseason 25” (63cm) Strong growth creates clumps filled with bloom. Beautiful form one would expect from Bluebeard’s Ghost. Sdlg. TB91A: Bluebeard’s Ghost X Mythology

'Cotillion Ball' (MTB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) tetraploid MTB Early 26” (66cm) Loads of these pretty little peach flowers on well-proportioned stalks. Excellent parentage. Sdlg. TC69B: Tic Tac Toe X Bundle of Love

'Dubai' (AB OGB+ T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) AB OGB+ Early-Midseason 33” (84cm) Beautiful aril characteristics including recurved falls, big red black signal spots and diffuse beards. Spectacular. Sdlg. TC229A: Lancer X Energizer

'Fashion Baby'
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm) Lovely form, lovely color, what’s not to like? Destined to be very popular. Sdlg. TC248A: Warm and Fuzzy X First Dance

'Ping' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Midseason 12” (30cm) Lovely compact form. An amazing beard shines like a beacon. Sdlg. TC243B: (Pulsator x Bright Flash) 

'Short Film' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm) Very pretty & unique plicata. Clumps herald the return of spring. Sdlg. TC232E: Chart X Banded Tiger

'Thump' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB 14” (36cm) Super wide falls. Subtle pastel that blends well with stronger colors. Sdlg. TC264A: Capiche X (Devoted x Clever)

And now, my favorites:
Dubai is a striking Arilbred.  I have one AB in my garden.  We'll see how that goes before I try another.  The SDB Fashion Baby is a real charmer.  The blushed falls are charming.  My favorite is Code Of Honor. I was so impressed by a group of 'Wild' another IB when I visited Mid-America that I can see this like blue sky next to the orange sun of 'Wild'.

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