Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just Too Tired to Label

I am exhausted. Here are some new blooms.  This weekend will be great! Night.... zzzz.

OK, Update!

Here is a misshapen bloom.  Not the only one.  Frost, pesticide or herbicide... Oh-oh.

'Backlit Beauty' (IB Tasco '10)

'Candy Rock' (IB George Sutton '00)

THERE IS a reason that these two pictures are here.  A visitor told me that I did not have the correct name on this. I ordered it again.  Clearly the first one was correct.  Sometimes even seasoned experts get it wrong. With 60K+ cultivars of bearded iris who could know them all!

'Clarence' (TB Lloyd Zurbrigg '90 Bed C-1)

'Clarence' (TB Lloyd Zurbrigg '90 Bed D-1n)
No show bench for this bloom.  It's a twin.  The bloom stalk splits in a Y about half way up.

'Frisky Frolic' (IB Paul Black '08)

Unknown Historic

'I'm On Fire' (IB Thomas Johnson '11)

'Lyrique' (BB Blyth '86)

'Magic Bubbles' (IB A.&D. Willow 1994)

'Victoria Falls' dropped a bloom... :-(

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