Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DYKES! This year I have it!

Last year, when the awards were released I had a moment of excitement dashed.  OK, so Florentine Silk and Italian Velvet don't look alike but you can understand that they are both an Italian fabric, right?   Given 60,000 registered names it's a understandable mistake.

But this year 'That's All Folks' is in my garden!

'That's All Folks'  TB Maryott, 2004

Irises eligible for the Dykes medal are the best in class winners of the previous 3 years. I did hedge my bets by planting 2 of the 3 Wister Medal 2012 winners, bringing my total holdings of Dykes eligible TBs to 5 of 9.  Since the odds that a TB will win are great, I had about a 60% chance.  You can't get those odds in Vegas!

Here are this year's Wister Winners.  Will one walk away with Dykes Medal next year? Might a median grab the prize?  Only two medians have won the American Dykes Medal  since it was first awarded in 1927.

AIS Judges vote for this award.  There are many factors beyond the flower than enter into the choice. Growing habit, stalk strength, branching and bud placement are among these. It's not hard to see just based on the bloom why these are winners.

'Absolute Treasure' is all that says iris.  The delicate coloring and ruffling speak of grace and elegance.

'Absolute Treasure 'TB Tasco 2006
Often the combination of colors and markings can produce an over-the-top gaudy flower.  Here an era of flounce, lace and brocade is presented in a perfect package.  The beautiful colors, shades of purple and mauve, the striking markings and ruffles radiate from warm beards and style arms.

'Elizabethan Age' TB Baumunk 2005
"Another purple and white plicata?  Really?" I would have said this if I had not seen these in bloom at Mid-America. 'Ink Patterns' erect falls and dome shaped standards (much liked by AIS judges of late), make total package that is irresistible in blooming clump.

'Ink Patterns' TB T. Johnson 2007

'Ink Patterns' is in my garden and 'Elizabethan Age' will be number one on my list to plant in 2014.

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