Monday, May 15, 2017

Mid May SDBs

Here are more SDBs that are blooming at Diamond Rise in the past few days.  Two of them are brand new intros (last year) from Thomas Johnson.   Like to see them in person?  Feel free to stop over!

3873 Rush Mendon Rd. Mendon NY 14506

'Unwritten' T.Johnson 2016 SDB
'Joyous High'  T.Johnson 2016 SDB

'Purple Paws' shows what a prolific established clump of SDBs can look like.

'Purple Paws'  Black 2013 SDB
Michael Paul is a classic beauty.

'Michael Paul' Jones 1979 SDB
'Jennyanydots' Black 2011 SDB

'Stitch Witch'  Willott 1975 SDB
'Frankenberry'  Stout 2016 SDB
'Forever Blue' Chapman 1996 SDB
'Force Field' M.Smith 2009 SDB

'Eye of Sauron' Black 2009 SDB

'Chanted' Blyth 1990 SDB 

'Cheery Blush[ Black 2014 SDB
'Canadian Kisses" Black 2006 SDB

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