Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why I'm Behind. Cottage Gardens and GRIS Sale

It's been a busy week.  What an unusual opening.  It's always a "busy week!"

On Thursday I went with Betty and Jim to Brent Ross' Cottage Daylilies in Medina.  It won't be my last trip!  What a stunning collection of spectacular flowers.

Jim, Debby, Brent and Betty
'Bold Tiger' Stamile 97
'Cottage on the Lake' Ross 2008
'Leslie Renee' Stamile 2005
Maxfield Parrish Trimmer 1999
'Puffer Fish' Gossard 2006
'The Band Played On' Stamile 2007
'Violet Becomes You' Stamile 2008
Brent Ross
To view panoramic photos of the gardens click here and here.  I'll be posting more laster!

When I arrived home the shipment from Mid-America was here for our iris sale.  So unpacking, cataloging and labeling took up most of yesterday and today.

The sale is next Sunday at the Cornell Cooperative Extension across from the Highland Park Lilacs. Join us for some great prices on beautiful cultivars!


Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Home!

Finally returned after almost 2 weeks in Indianapolis.  It was a productive and intense time.  Now I so happy to be home to be with my husband, my dog and my garden.

Kyle did a fine job of watering in this ridiculous heat (It was even hotter in Indy) and these daylilies are going to town!

Here are some pica from my garden.  I am too tired ro label them all.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Indy

Sorry for my absence, followers.  I have been in Indianapolis since July 1 for the triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church.  You may have read in the news that we have accomplished much!  On the horticultural front I can report that there are wy nice.onderful displays with blocks of various hybrid cultivars of hemerocallis.  Very impressive.

Meanwhile at home Kyle is, I am assured making sure my own gardens are being watered.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be back! Yeah.