Saturday, June 18, 2016

Today, June 18 - Iris to Daylily

Today the transition begins.  I started the cleanup gardening yesterday.  Bed by bed clean up of irises, Weeding and removing the spent blooms.  Beds A-1, A-2 and part of A-3 are done.  I have been dragging around the pop up canopy for shade and using a mister to cool off.

The great surprise was one last iris just bloomed.  Brand new from Schreiber last year, it's quite lovely, fully ruffled with gray-blue banded falls.  It's listed as "late bloom" which is certainly accurate!

'Blew My Mind' (TB Schreiner 2014)

The daylilies have started to bloom.  One early gold spider has come and gone.

'Eye of Ra" 

'Hazel's Gift'
And now, back to the past.

Friday, June 17, 2016

June 3: More Than One Brilliant Idea

'Brilliant Idea' it is. A Pure white standard and rich blue banded fall are crowned my a spectacular golden orange beard that calls for willing suspension of disbelief.  And it is an easy grower.

'Brilliant Idea' (TB Keith Keppel 2009)
 'Daring Deception' is a looker,  This year's bud production was sparse.

'Daring Deception' (TB Thomas Johnson 2012)
You can hear the rustle of an elegant gown.  From Asia to the Palazzo Vecchio, this bloom will be loved.
'Florentine Silk' (TB Keith Keppel 2005)
Dykes Medal 2012
This bloomed at a reasonable height, but not the 44"promoted. I am glad.

'Intimidator' (TB Paul Black 2003)
 This is grand opera, a magnum opus. Brava!

'La Scala' (TB Keith Kappel 2008_
 A bit like daring deception with pastel standards and an obvious orange beard.

'Liaison' (TB Joseph Ghio 1986)
 Here's a Siberian that appears to have 6 falls.  Does it? According to the hybridizer, yes.

'Rikugi Sakura' (SIB Shidara 1988)
 Mini Montmartre. This tall bearded is not so tall, but fun.
'Teenybopper' (TB Keith Keppel 2009)
 A large group of this iris is growing by mailbox. I have to hope I wrote this planting down somewhere.

'Vanity' (TB Ben Hager 1975)
Dykes Medal 1982

June 2: New Arrivals and Old Friends

Barry Blyth is an Australian hybridizer.  His cultivars are generally introduced in the US through Keith Keppel so they are eligible for AIS honors.  He's got some top notch stuff!

'About Town' (TB Barry Blyth 1996)
Still my favorite 'Action Packed' brought me a "Best In Section" award at the GRIS iris show in 2013.

'Action Packed' (TB Paul Black 2011)
Another Blyth intro, the full flowing gown affect of the falls is beautiful.  This is the same amazing form as in Thomas Johnson's 'Call Me Maybe' below.

'Ask Me Nicely' (TB Barry Blyth 2012)
 OK, so maybe this is my favorite...

'Bratislavan Prince' (TB Anton Mego 2010)
'Chameleon' noticeably changes shades as the bloom matures.  The falls have a distinct green-yellow cast.

'Chameleon' (TB Sanford Babson by Ben Hager 1972)

'Cherry Blossom Song' (TB Schreiner 2002)
This amoena has huge blooms.  (Stake that stalk!) I love the lighter hyacinth under the falls that highlights the beautifully ruffled edges.

'Drifting' (TB Schreiner 2011)

 Easter colors in an elegant, eye-catcher.

'Easter Candy' (TB Keith Keppel 2011)

'Expect Wonders' (TB Joseph Ghio 2009)

'Freda's Gift' (TB Don Spoon 2007)
 Absolutely amazing!  When this bloomed in my garden I was dumbstruck.

'Call Me Maybe' (TB Thomas Johnson 2013

'Stairway to Heaven' or 'Mariposa Skies' or.... ?
The striking contrast of this bi-color is unavoidable. A reliable garden favorite.

'Sultan's Palace' (TB Schreiner 1988)

'Suspicion' (TB Keith Keppel 1999)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 1: The rest!

'Golden Panther' (TB Richard Tasco 2000)
Dykes Medal winner 2009

This morning I am loading the rest of the best of June 1.  I'll have few comments, but feel free to ask questions.
'Wild Wings' (TB Keith Keppel 1999)
 Check out the flounces above the falls.

'When You Wish' (TB Phyllis Dickey 1998)

'Teamwork' (TB Keith Keppel 2001)

'Team Player' (TB Johnson 2012)
 I have a soft spot for these standards which are laced and edged with gold.  Really stunning.

'Slovak Prince' (TB Anton Mego 2003)
Wister Medal 2009

'Silhouette' (TB M.Dunn 1988)

'Queen's Circle' (TB Frederick Kerr 1999)
Dykes Medal winner 2007
The Siberian iris is at it's best when it produces a cloud of color above it foliage.  No wonder this was voted best Siberian in 1988.

'Pink Haze' (SIB William McGarvey 1980)
Morgan Wood Medal 1988
 Again the edged standards...

'Neutron Dance' (TB Barry Blyth 1987)
 Here's an example of an orphan.  I thought I had identified this as 'Ocean Pacific' however I am not so sure.  And what I have been calling 'Honky Tonk Blues" in my garden might well be the real 'Op.'  I know I ordered it.  So last year I reordered Honky Tonk from Schreiners and it bloomed.  It seems larger than my orphan but that could be due to a really healthy rhizome. Keeping track of this is really tough...

'Ocean Pacific' ?

'Ominous Stranger' (TB Sterling Innerst 1993)
 So many of us have a knee-jerk reaction to a another white and purple plicata.  This one, however stands out with rich color and heavy ruffles. It won me a blue ribbon at our 2016 Iris show.

'Ink Patterns' (TB Thomas Johnson 2007)
Wister Medal 2013  
 Great substance, ruffling, elegant coloring and the orange to white beards make this a Wister winner!

'Fogbound' (TB Keith Keppel 1998)
Wister Medal 2005
 OK, so I had to have it.  I've seen more gay!

'Gay Parasol' (TB Schreiner 1973)
 Pastel Peach-Pink and blue.  What a lovely bloom.

'Celebration Song' (TB Schreiner 1993)
Dykes Medal Winner 2003
 Always the crowd favorite.

'Batik' (TB Ensminger 1985)

'Ally Oops' (Spec-X Dana Borglum 2000)
Randolph Perry Medal 2010
An impressive sight, 'China Spring' blooms here at a peak height of 40".

'China Spring' (SIB Bauer and Coble 1999)
Another amazing group is this heavily ruffled beauty.

'Homebody' (TB Thomas Johnson 2011)
 We've seen Kevin's Theme but now we see its miraculous cloud of earthy color.

'Kevin's Theme' (B Frederick Kerr 1993)