Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 1, 2016 Bloom Update part 1

Still catching up.  The irises, especially TBs, exploded.

All of my favorite features in a great little bundle.  Barely TB at 32" it's lovely display of apricot with a blush at the mid rib of the standards. The flowers are compact.  Highly recommended!

'Blushing' (TB Paul Black 2011)
Here is the ubiquitous 'Batik.' It is sold by every retailer from Lowes to Schreiners.  Fun in any garden, very hardy and below 27" it's great for any garden.

'Batik' (BB Ensminger 1985)

Even Schreiner's messes up sometimes.  This was sold as 'Bubble Bubble' but it's not.  Nice big well growing iris.  I'd just like to know what it is.

NOT 'Bubble Bubble'
 An early Dykes Medal winner (1947), 'Chivalry' show the early stages of ruffles in introductions.

'Chivalry' TB Wills 1943
 'Colortart' has been in my garden for years.  Because it arrived before the great Borer War, it pops up in many places.  One of this year's goals is to herd them.

'Colortart' (TB Sterling Innerst 1983)
As most of Schreiber's introductions 'Drifting' is large and tall!  It would be great on the show bench if you can get it there.  I took one to the show.  There were 3 perfectly placed flowers, though the stem was a bit curved.  Unfortunately a fourth bud opened pushing the terminal bloom aside.

'Drifting' (TB Schreiner 2011)
 If you don't have this in your garden, get it!  It has that sterling silver color and space age horns.  The form and substance are both very nice.  There will be many at the GRIS Iris Sale!  I need to clan house on this beauty!

'Eagle Control' (TB George Sutton 1998)
 'Feast Of Kings' is a glorious royal purple ruffled to within an inch of its life. Stunning.

'Feast Of Kings' (TB Paul Black 2012)
 Delicate pink, beautifully ruffled and laced, this was a wonderful surprise from last year's GRIS sale.  Although it should be called 'Victoria's Secret' this is 'H.C.Stetson.'

'H.C.Stetson' (TB Rob Stetson 2003)
 Another lovely variation on white and purple...

'Handiwork' (TB Joseph Ghio 1982)
 A stalk from this newer purple plicata won me a blue ribbon in our iris show.  The plicata marking form a deep rim around a pure white ground.

'Ink Patterns' (TB Thomas Johnson 2007)
Amoena irises have white or near white standards and solid color falls.  This is one of many with the blue cast falls and creamy white standards.
'Mariposa Skies' (TB Richard Tasco 1996)
 Looking much like 'Thornbird' but without the horns, this golden yellow with greenish tinge.  The beards are rusty deep purple.

'Neanderthal' (TB Jack Worel 2003)
'Sheer Excitement' is a showy BB.   The photo below also seems to be a BB, but it lost its name.

'Sheer Excitement' (BB Tasco 2011)
Still blooming!

'Victoria Falls' (TB Schreiner 1977)
 No garden can have too many Keith Keppel irises.

'Wild Wings' (TB Keith Keppel 1999)

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