Friday, June 17, 2016

June 3: More Than One Brilliant Idea

'Brilliant Idea' it is. A Pure white standard and rich blue banded fall are crowned my a spectacular golden orange beard that calls for willing suspension of disbelief.  And it is an easy grower.

'Brilliant Idea' (TB Keith Keppel 2009)
 'Daring Deception' is a looker,  This year's bud production was sparse.

'Daring Deception' (TB Thomas Johnson 2012)
You can hear the rustle of an elegant gown.  From Asia to the Palazzo Vecchio, this bloom will be loved.
'Florentine Silk' (TB Keith Keppel 2005)
Dykes Medal 2012
This bloomed at a reasonable height, but not the 44"promoted. I am glad.

'Intimidator' (TB Paul Black 2003)
 This is grand opera, a magnum opus. Brava!

'La Scala' (TB Keith Kappel 2008_
 A bit like daring deception with pastel standards and an obvious orange beard.

'Liaison' (TB Joseph Ghio 1986)
 Here's a Siberian that appears to have 6 falls.  Does it? According to the hybridizer, yes.

'Rikugi Sakura' (SIB Shidara 1988)
 Mini Montmartre. This tall bearded is not so tall, but fun.
'Teenybopper' (TB Keith Keppel 2009)
 A large group of this iris is growing by mailbox. I have to hope I wrote this planting down somewhere.

'Vanity' (TB Ben Hager 1975)
Dykes Medal 1982

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