Friday, June 29, 2012

Mid-America Iris: Part 3 P-W

Here is the third and final installment of the irises that really caught my eye on a trip to Mid-America Iris Gardens in Salem, OR.  They are un-retouched, amateur shots that reflect, for me, how wonderful the hybridizers are for the hours and months and years they spend bringing a new cultivar to market.

For more information visit the Mid-America Iris Gardens website by clicking here.

'Pacific Fire' T. Johnson '07

'Painter's Touch' Johnson '09

'Petticoat Shuffle'  Schreiner '10

'Private Eye' T. Johnson '10
The whole presentation is dramatic. The golden edging on falls add just the right touch to make it ... royal!
'Publicity Stunt' T. Johnson '11
'Pursuit of Happiness' T. Johnson '07

'Satin and Lace' P. Black '11

'Sorbonne' K. Keppel '10

'Sordid Lives' T. Johnson '09

'Star Appeal' Ghio '09

'Starring' Ghio '00
I just ordered Toronto!  The name has sentimental meaning, so when I saw it bloom for myself I was so happy that it is a spectacular iris!  The ruffles and frills make it fancy and impressive and the subtle shoes that blend in the standards keep it looking really classy! Thanks, Thomas.

'Toronto' T. Johnson ;11

'Water of Life' P. Black '11
 Here's another one I ordered.  The edges of the falls are rimmed in a lilac shade the the ruffles reveal even more dramatically.  The haft plicata is neat and trim and the standard close together to form just the right effect.  Great one, Paul.

'Wicked Good' P. Black '12
I saw a clump of 'Wild' and it was impressive!

'Wild' BB Black '12

'Wish List' P. Black 'll

Cobbs Hill Daylily Gardens Open House

Yesterday was the first open house at Cobbs Hill Daylily Garden.  Charlie and Judy Zettek welcomed us with a free daylily and excitement about new seedlings.

Their next open house is July 8th, 1-5 pm.  One Hillside Drive in Rochester, NY. Don't miss it.

Iris Friendship Garden in Highland Park

There is a garden in Highland Park that has a nice representation of Louisiana Irises.  The Iris Friendship Garden is  short walk across Highland Ave. and up a paved path from the Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Apparently this was not the best year and we were a bit late.  One bloom was left.  From the link here it apparently can be quite impressive!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mid-America Part 2: F to M

More pictures from Mid America Iris Gardens in Salem, OR
'Fall Fashion' 

'Girl Next Door'
'Heart of Glass'
'Ink Patterns'
'Lady of the Night'

'Love and Devotion'
Love Me True
Mulberry Swirl

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hostas from Jim

Here are some wonderful hosts from Jim Schellinger.  A shady corner of the lawn is going to be spectacular!  Thanks, Jim.

Here they are

Hosta 'Queen Josphine'

Hosta 'Don Stevens'

Hosta Nigrescens 'Kuro Giboshi'

Hosta 'Praying Hands'
Hosta 'Striptease'
When I visited Jim and Betty, I remarked on a seedling with lighter green, puckered and cupped leaves.  It's not registered, but it is named in my garden!

Hosta 'Schnellinger'
Jim also shared a striped leaf lily of the valley and a Solomon's Seal with variegated foliage (not show)

Striped Lily-of-the-Valley

What's blooming...

Zettek Seedling 98-M-1

Dale's Oh My (from Zettek 2011)

'Night Embers' (from Zettek 2011)

Zettek Seeding 04-K-2 2" bloom


Unknown.. some research needed! About 6" bloom.


Common Daylilies (Ditch Lilies)
Keeps me in mind of where the hybrid.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

About Time! Mid-America Part 1: A,B,C

On May 20th I visited Salem, Oregon, the Mothership of Iris Growing.  I really have not taken the time to report back on specific visits... So it's about time.

I wandered through Mid-America with iPad in hand, snapping photos of blooms that struck me.  First let me say that I was bit skeptical. The catalog looks stunning, but would the cultivars live up to professional photos?  Answer:  YES!  I can't wait to order from this wonderful place... It was peak TB season so there are few, if any medians,  For more detail and prices click here to visit the Mid-America website.

In order here is part 1:

All My Dreams
Always Lovely.. what a gorgeous clump!
Aztec Art
B.... something.  Ooops!

Better Than Butter... can I play favorites?
Better Than Butter.  I know. I couldn't walk away!
A seedling... Black 09b  Don't you hate to wait?
Brilliant Disguise
Cheap   it's not that cheap, but I love the iris and the name!
Circle of Light ... unique is overused, but it is!
Class Clown ... see, I told you I'm not a pro photographer.
Crimson Cloud
Tomorrow I'll pick up with "F"... sorry no Ds to Es for fans of those letters.