Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Year of The DTB

Yes DTBs are in vogue this year.  An iris fan knows that there is no Dwarf Tall Bearded.  But there they are.  Full size flowers on a scape as short as 1/3 the expected height.  My expert friends blame a very wet warm fall (which allowed for lots of increase, but also the introduction of rot spores), the early spring. a freeze and a wet spell, for some odd irises.

I am discovering that rot has taken foothold and am chasing it down with spoon, knife and diluted bleach. Too late for a few new rhizomes. My Splashcata is a goner, my Italian Velvet is on the way out and Paul Black and others from Schreiner's have some damage.

Sea Power finally bloomed but somewhat shorter than expected.  About 8 inches less than its expected 38" height:

'Sea Power' (Keith Keppel, registered 1998). Seedling 93-89B. TB, height 38" 
 The real surprise is Frimbriated Space.  A beautiful space age pure white bloom at 12" it is about 1/3 the expected height:

'Fimbriated Space' (George Sutton, R. 1998). Sdlg. G-71-C. TB, 35"
Every bit as spectacular as expected, Decadence is riveting.  It is also less than half its normal bloom height at about 17":

'Decadence' (Barry Blyth, R. 2001). Seedling H83-G. TB, height 38"
Daylilies have begun to bloom.

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