Wednesday, June 20, 2012

About Time! Mid-America Part 1: A,B,C

On May 20th I visited Salem, Oregon, the Mothership of Iris Growing.  I really have not taken the time to report back on specific visits... So it's about time.

I wandered through Mid-America with iPad in hand, snapping photos of blooms that struck me.  First let me say that I was bit skeptical. The catalog looks stunning, but would the cultivars live up to professional photos?  Answer:  YES!  I can't wait to order from this wonderful place... It was peak TB season so there are few, if any medians,  For more detail and prices click here to visit the Mid-America website.

In order here is part 1:

All My Dreams
Always Lovely.. what a gorgeous clump!
Aztec Art
B.... something.  Ooops!

Better Than Butter... can I play favorites?
Better Than Butter.  I know. I couldn't walk away!
A seedling... Black 09b  Don't you hate to wait?
Brilliant Disguise
Cheap   it's not that cheap, but I love the iris and the name!
Circle of Light ... unique is overused, but it is!
Class Clown ... see, I told you I'm not a pro photographer.
Crimson Cloud
Tomorrow I'll pick up with "F"... sorry no Ds to Es for fans of those letters.

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