Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dykes Medal Winners

The most prestigious award from the American Iris Society for any iris is the Dykes Medal.  (There sis also a British Dykes Medal). Only irises that win the top award in their class are eligible and then only for three years.  The award is voted on by only certified judges.

The award is not without controversy.  Many believe it is weighted in favor of West Coast breeders.  It clearly is very difficult for any iris not in the Tall Bearded class has a chance of winning.  Only in 1981 and 2008 has this frontier been breeched.

Having received a Dykes medal does not guarantee that an iris is vigorous or will grow in your particular climate or soil.

Having said all that I would love to try growing every one in my garden!  Below is the list of winners.  Those in red, I already have and they are at least growing.  Those in orange I have or had, but they are not doing so well.

                          AMERICAN DYKES MEDAL WINNERS

1927 San Francisco 0 Mohr1927 TB (Tall Bearded)
1929 Dauntless 0 Connell 1929 TB (Tall Bearded)
1932 Coralie 0 Ayres 1932 TB (Tall Bearded)
1933 Rameses 0 Sasss 1928 TB (Tall Bearded)
1935 Sierra Blue 0 Essig 1930 TB (Tall Bearded)
1936 Mary Geddes 0 Stahlman by Washington 1931 TB (Tall Bearded)
1937 Missouri 0 Grinter 1933 TB (Tall Bearded)
1939 Rosy Wings 0 Gage 1935 TB (Tall Bearded)
1940 Wabash 0 Williamson 1936 TB (Tall Bearded)
1941 The Red Douglas 0 Sass 1934 TB (Tall Bearded)
1942 Great Lakes 0 Cousins 1938 TB (Tall Bearded)
1943 Prairie Sunset 0 Sass 1939 TB (Tall Bearded)
1944 Spun Gold 0 Glutzbeck 1939 TB (Tall Bearded)
1945 Elmohr 0 Loomis-Long 1942 TB (Tall Bearded)
1947 Chivalry 1 Wills 1943 TB (Tall Bearded)
1948 Ola Kala 0 Sass 1943 TB (Tall Bearded)
1949 Helen McGregor 0 Graves 1943 TB (Tall Bearded)
1950 Blue Rhythm 0 Whiting 1945 TB (Tall Bearded)
1951 Cherie 0 Hall 1945 TB (Tall Bearded)
1952 Argus Pheasant 0 DeForest 1948 TB (Tall Bearded)
1953 Truly Yours 0 Fay 1949 TB (Tall Bearded)
1954 Mary Randall 0 Fay 1950 TB (Tall Bearded)
1955 Sable Night 0 Cook 1950 TB (Tall Bearded)
1956 First Violet 0 DeForest 1951 TB (Tall Bearded)
1957 Violet Harmony 0 Lowry 1952 TB (Tall Bearded)
1958 Blue Sapphire 0 Schreiner 1953 TB (Tall Bearded)
1959 Swan Ballet 0 Muhlstein 1953 TB (Tall Bearded)
1961 Eleanor's Pride 0 Watkins 1952 TB (Tall Bearded)
1961 Whole Cloth 0 Cook 1956 TB (Tall Bearded)
1963 Amethyst Flame 0 Schreiner 1957 TB (Tall Bearded)
1964 Allegiance 0 Cook 1957 TB (Tall Bearded)
1965 Pacific Panaorama 0 Sexton 1960 TB (Tall Bearded)
1966 Rippling Waters 0 Fay 1961 TB (Tall Bearded)
1967 Winter Olympics 0 Brown 1963 TB (Tall Bearded)
1968 Stepping Out 1 Schreiner 1964 TB (Tall Bearded)
1970 Skywatch 0 Benson 1963 TB (Tall Bearded)
1971 Debby Rairdon 0 Kuntz 1966 TB (Tall Bearded)
1972 Babbling Brook 0 Keppel 1965 TB (Tall Bearded)
1973 New Moon 0 Sexton 1968 TB (Tall Bearded)
1974 Shipshape 0 Babson 1968 TB (Tall Bearded)
1975 Pink Taffeta 0 Rudolph 1965 TB (Tall Bearded)
1976 Kilt Lilt 0 Rudolph 1965 TB (Tall Bearded)
1977 Dream Lover 0 Tams 1970 TB (Tall Bearded)
1978 Bride's Halo 0 Mohr 1971 TB (Tall Bearded)
1980 Mystique 0 Ghio 1972 TB (Tall Bearded)
1981 Brown Lasso 0 Buckles by Niswonger 1975 BB (Boarder Bearded)
1982 Vanity 0 Hager 1974 TB (Tall Bearded)
1983 Ruffled Ballet 0 Roderick 1973 TB (Tall Bearded)
1984 Victoria Falls 0 Schreiners 1977 TB (Tall Bearded)
1985 Beverly Sills 1 Hager 1978 TB (Tall Bearded)
1986 Song of Norway 0 Luihn 1977 TB (Tall Bearded)
1988 Titan's Glory 0 Schreiners 1981 TB (Tall Bearded)
1990 Jesse's Song 1 Williamson 1983 TB (Tall Bearded)
1991 Everything Plus 1 Niswonger 1984 TB (Tall Bearded)
1992 Dusky Challenger 1 Schreiner 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
1993 Edith Wolford 1 Hager 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
1994 Silverado 1 Schreiner 1987 TB (Tall Bearded)
1995 Honky Tonk Blues 1 Schreiner 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
1996 Before The Storm 1 Innerst 1989 TB (Tall Bearded)
1997 Thornbird 0 Byers 1989 TB (Tall Bearded)
1998 Conjuration 1 Byers 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
1999 Hello Darkness 0 Schreiners 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
2000 Stairway to Heaven 1 Lauer 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
2001 Yaquina Blue 1 Schreiner 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
2002 Mesmerizer 0 Byers 1991 TB (Tall Bearded)
2003 Celebration Song 1 Schreiners 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
2004 Crowned Heads 0 Keppel 1997 TB (Tall Bearded)
2005 Splashacata 1 Tasco 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
2006 Sea Power 1 Keppel 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
2007 Queen's Circle 1 Kerr 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
2008 Starwoman 1 Smith, Marky 1997 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
2009 Golden Panther 1 Tasco 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
2010 Paul Black 1 Johnson, T. 2003 TB (Tall Bearded)
2011 Drama Queen 0 Keppel 2003 TB (Tall Bearded)
2012 Florentine Silk 0 Keppel 2005 TB (Tall Bearded)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Irises at Diamond Rise

Here are the current 187 Registered Iris Cultivars in Diamond Rise Gardens.  I also have some orphans and un-registered acquisitions.

Next comes the wish list!

Aachen Elf Keppel 1997 MTB (Miniature Tall Bearded)
Absolute Zero Black 2012
TB (Tall Bearded)
Action Packed Black 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Agressively Forward Innerest 1995 TB (Tall Bearded)
All is Bright Black 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
America's Cup McWhirter 1989 TB (Tall Bearded)
Are You Crazy Black 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Art Form Hager 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Autumn Circus Hager 1990 TB (Tall Bearded)
Ballet Performance Johnson, T. 2007 TB (Tall Bearded)
Band of Angels Hollingworth 1996 SIB (Siberian)
Barbara My Love Maryott 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
Batik Ensminger 1985 BB (Boarder Bearded)
Before The Storm Innerst 1989 TB (Tall Bearded)
Berlin Purple Wine Tamberg 1993 SIB (Siberian)
Better Than Butter Black 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Beverly Sills Hager 1978 TB (Tall Bearded)
Blackout Luihn 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
Blushing Black 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Bold Look Schreiner 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Bumblebee Deelight Norrick 1986 MTB (Miniature Tall Bearded)
Calgary Johnson, T. 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Celebration Song Schreiner 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Center Line Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Cheap Black 2008 TB (Tall Bearded)
Chivalry Wills 1943 TB (Tall Bearded)
Clarence Zurbrigg 1991 TB (Tall Bearded)
Clear Blue Sky Johnson, T. 2012 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Colortart Innerst 1983 TB (Tall Bearded)
Common Thread Johnson, T. 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Conjuration Byers 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Conjuring Cat Black 2006 TB (Tall Bearded)
Copper Classic Roderick 1977 TB (Tall Bearded)
Cross Dresser Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Dancing Star Johnson, T. 2009 TB (Tall Bearded)
Dangerous Mood Schreiner 2004 TB (Tall Bearded)
Daring Deception Johnson, T. 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Decadence Blyth 2004 TB (Tall Bearded)
Deep Currents Johnson, T. 2009 TB (Tall Bearded)
Devil's Riot Blyth 1994 TB (Tall Bearded)
Devonshire Cream Sutton 1999 TB (Tall Bearded)
Dracula's Kiss Schreiner 2009 TB (Tall Bearded)
Duplicity Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Dusky Challenger Schreiner 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
Eagle Control Sutton 1999 TB (Tall Bearded)
Edith Wolford Hager 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
Electric Shock Messick 1996 TB (Tall Bearded)
English Charm Blyth 1989/90 TB (Tall Bearded)
Everything Plus Niswonger 1984 TB (Tall Bearded)
Exotic Isle Plough 1981 TB (Tall Bearded)
Exotic Star Plough 1974 TB (Tall Bearded)
Eye of The Tiger Black 2008 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Eyes on You Black 2012 AB (Arilbred)
Fall Fiesta Schreiner 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
Feast of Kings Black 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Fimbriated Space Sutton 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
Fire and Ice Black 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Flash of Light Johnson, T. 2008 TB (Tall Bearded)
Formal Event Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Frisky Frolic Black 2008 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Frontline Black 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Gay Parasol Schreiner 1973 TB (Tall Bearded)
Gibson Girl Gibson 1946 TB (Tall Bearded)
Glazed Gold Brown 1985 TB (Tall Bearded)
Gnu Blues Kasperek 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Golden Panther Tasco 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
Golden Ring Johnson, T. 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Goldfinger Sutton 1996 TB (Tall Bearded)
Good Life Black 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Guilt Free Sample Black 2007 TB (Tall Bearded)
Gypsy Romance Schreiner 1994 TB (Tall Bearded)
Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata 1999 AB (Arilbred)
Handiwork Ghio 1982 TB (Tall Bearded)
Harlow Gold Black 1982 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Harvest of Memories Zurbrigg 1984 TB (Tall Bearded)
Heart of Glass Johnson, T. 2007 TB (Tall Bearded)
Heaven Ghio 1997 TB (Tall Bearded)
Hemstitched Hager 1990 TB (Tall Bearded)
Homebody Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Honey Scoop Sutton 1997 TB (Tall Bearded)
Honky Tonk Blues Schreiner 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Hot Gossip Blyth 1992/93 TB (Tall Bearded)
Hot Spice Aitken 1989 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Howler Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
I Must Have It Black 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
I'm On Fire Johnson, T. 2011 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Idol Ghio 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
Immortality Zurbrigg 1982 TB (Tall Bearded)
In Cahoots Johnson, T. 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Indiscreet Ghio 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Ink Patterns Johnson, T. 2007 TB (Tall Bearded)
Insaniac Johnson, T. 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Intimidator Black 2002 TB (Tall Bearded)
Italian Velvet Keppel 2006 TB (Tall Bearded)
Jaime Lynn Hammer 1984 TB (Tall Bearded)
Jakarta Plough 1966 TB (Tall Bearded)
Jennyanydots Black 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Jesse's Song Williamson 1983 TB (Tall Bearded)
June Krausse Schreiner 2008 TB (Tall Bearded)
Jurassic Park Lauer 1995 TB (Tall Bearded)
Keeping Up Appearances Black 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
Kevin's Theme Kerr 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Kinkajou Shrew Kasperek 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
Kiss The Dawn Kerr 1994 TB (Tall Bearded)
Lace Legacy Greenwood by Aitken 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
Lake Keuka Borglum 1991 SIB (Siberian)
Lake Seneca Borglum 1999 SIB (Siberian)
Lemon Pop Lauer 1990 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Let's Boogie Schreiner 1997 TB (Tall Bearded)
Liaison Ghio 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
Living Your Dream Black 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Louise Todd McWhirter 1994 TB (Tall Bearded)
Lurid Byers 1987 TB (Tall Bearded)
Lyrique Blyth 1996 BB (Boarder Bearded)
Mac Shawe Spoon 2005 TB (Tall Bearded)
Many Mahalos Aitken 2003 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Mariposa Skies Tasco 1996 TB (Tall Bearded)
Masada Tompkins 1982 TB (Tall Bearded)
Master Plan Keppel 1995 TB (Tall Bearded)
Mexican Moth Tompkins 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Milk on Apricots Niswonger 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
Monet's Blue Schreiner 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
Mother Earth Hager 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Mystic Shrine Weed 1942 TB (Tall Bearded)
Name Game Black 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Night Owl Schreiner 1970 TB (Tall Bearded)
Note To God Johnson, T. 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Obligato Stahly 1988 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Ocean Pacific Ghio 1987 TB (Tall Bearded)
One of a Kind Black 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Orange Harvest Jones 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Oregon Skies Schreiner 1991 TB (Tall Bearded)
Orinoco Flow Bartlett 1993 BB (Boarder Bearded)
Outer Edge Black 2011 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Outspoken Black 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Patchwork Puzzle Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Paul Black Johnson, T. 2003 TB (Tall Bearded)
Peach Pie Johnson, T. 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Petticoat Shuffle Schriener 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Pink Invasion Johnson, T. 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Planned Treasure Burger 1985 TB (Tall Bearded)
Play With Fire Schreiner 1987 TB (Tall Bearded)
Plumeri Ware 1830 TB (Tall Bearded)
Poem of Ecstasy Hager 1997 TB (Tall Bearded)
Publicity Stunt Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Pulsator Johnson, T. 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Queen's Circle Kerr 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
Rachel Rose Borglum 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
Rare Treat Schreiner 1987 TB (Tall Bearded)
Repartee Smith 1968 TB (Tall Bearded)
Rhonda Fleming Mullin 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Rustler Keppel 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Satin and Lace Black 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Sea Power Keppel 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
Secret Affair Johnson, T. 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Seneca Creamsicle Borglum ?? TB (Tall Bearded)
Seneca Pink Delight Borglum 2005 TB (Tall Bearded)
Seneca Snowdrift Borglum 1995 TB (Tall Bearded)
Seneca Viceroy Borglum 2004 SIB (Siberian)
Sharp Dressed Man Johnson, T. 2010 TB (Tall Bearded)
Silhouette Dunn 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Silverado Schreiner 1987 TB (Tall Bearded)
Snowed In Ghio 1999 TB (Tall Bearded)
Snowy River Willott 1985 MDB (Miniature Dwarf Bearded)
Splashacata Tasco 1998 TB (Tall Bearded)
Stairway to Heaven Lauer 1993 TB (Tall Bearded)
Star of India Johnson, T. 2011 SDB (Standard Dwarf Beared)
Starwoman Smith, Marky 1997 IB (Intermediate Bearded)
Stepping Out Schreiner 1964 TB (Tall Bearded)
Stilettos Johnson, T. 2009 TB (Tall Bearded)
Sultan's Palace Schreiner 1977 TB (Tall Bearded)
Summer Olympics Smith 1976 TB (Tall Bearded)
Super Model Johnson, T. 2007 TB (Tall Bearded)
Supreme Sultan Schreiner 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Tennessee Gentleman Innerst 1991 TB (Tall Bearded)
Terre De Feu Cayeux 1997 TB (Tall Bearded)
Tiger Honey Kasperek 1994 TB (Tall Bearded)
Tinted Crystal Hager 1988 TB (Tall Bearded)
Toronto Johnson, T. 2011 TB (Tall Bearded)
Total Recall Hager 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
Toucan Tango Kasperek 2000 TB (Tall Bearded)
Vision in Pink Wood 1986 TB (Tall Bearded)
Wicked Good Black 2012 TB (Tall Bearded)
Wild Black 2012 BB (Boarder Bearded)
Winter Adventure Black 1992 TB (Tall Bearded)
Wonders Never Cease Black 2007 TB (Tall Bearded)
Yaquina Blue
1992 TB (Tall Bearded)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Activity: Labels and Maps

Not much more to do outside, but I am working to get ready for the spring.  Earlier this year I bought a new Brother label printer.  I have been pleased with earlier models, but this one, PT-2730, includes USB linking to my Mac and software to layout labels.  I love it!  Best part for me is that I can store the templates on the computer.

This machine allows for 1" labels so that I can get more info right by the cultivar.  I did have to move to the larger zinc labels, which also have stainless steel wires.  Taking the lead from my friend David, I have moved to using labels that print black on clear (instead of white) tape.  This results in a less glaring product.

Of course I have lots of maps to update as well!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The New Dykes Medal Winner is NOT in My Garden

I received it in 2011 as a bonus from Schreiner's.  It did not bloom this summer but seems to be established, so next year the 2012 I thought American Dyke's Medal Winner, 'Florentine Silk', would be blooming at Diamond Rise!  I was so excited!  But, alas...

'Florentine Silk' (Keppel, 2005)

The iris I have is 'Italian Velvet'.  Can you see how my false excitement was triggered?

'Italian Velevet' (Keppel, 2005)

OK, so they don't look alike, but it is an Italian Fabric. And they were both registered by Keith Keppel in 2005. Darn.  And double darn because David and I missed meeting him because we were too polite to crash into his back yard this spring. 

The Dykes Medal is the best of the best.  Each year irises are judged best in their class.  For 2012 the Wister Medal for best Tall Bearded Iris went to "Gypsy Lord.'  Another Keppel introduction.  The man is a witch.... or a warlock.

'Gypsy Lord' (Keppel '09) 

I Don't have that either.  The shame.  Kyle asked if we had to move before the neighbors find out.

Oh well.  New acquisitions to be made!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Betty's Pics From My Garden

Betty and Jim stopped by before the frost.  Betty's gorgeous photos captured the dahlias before they shriveled.  The last picture is close-up of a giant red dahlia.  It was used as a desktop on her tablet and it's headed to my iPad!

'Immortality' still blooming.  Note the buds
in the background. 

A gathering of dahlias by the pond.

KODA!  World's Best Dog!

More Dahlias by the pond. 
If it's not named 'Van Gogh' it should be!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Hard Freeze

It took only one night of 30 degree weather to bring the season to a screeching halt for iris and dahlia.  After a summer waiting for the moon flower to bloom, a week later... well you can see what Koda thought of that.

'Immortality' - expect resurrection in 2013

The black dahlia
The last of the bunch rescued by Kyle.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Returning to the Devastation

After a weekend in NYC at a Provincial Council meeting wrapped in Broadway, I am expecting the annual science of death.  Friday night was a killing frost in Mendon.  The garden will look like the Addams Family visited Tim Burton.

It was only one night and the week promises to be warm enough to work comfortably.  The dahlia tubers will be dug and put up in bags that allow for air circulation.  Jim is bringing onion bags and I have saved some mesh bulb bags.  I will also buy some knee-high "nylons" as these work well. The bags will be hung in a cool dry place. Because my house does not have an optimal location I'll be lucky if half of them make it till spring.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Daylilies from Cobbs Hilll

Charlie Zettek dug me some great clumps this year!  Two are cultivars registered by Charlie in 2004.  'Clowning Around' is a jester ready for Mardi Gras.

Clowning Around (Zettek, 2004)
'Prince Dimitry' holds court with a royal purple towering over the serfs at 40".

Prince Dimitry (Zettek, 2004)
Among the others new to my garden are these beauties.

'Frosted Vanilla'  (Kamensky, 1988) 

'Brocaded Grown'  (Millikan-B., 1979)
'Hazel's Gift' (Valente, 1992)
'Hortensia' (Branch, 1964)
'Love Those Eyes' (Rasmussen, 1987)
'Golden Scroll' (Guidry, 1983) 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dahlias Closing Out The Season

The foliage on most plants on the garden is looking ragged and the dahlias are very leggy and many are flopped over.  My fault.  I should have staked them more carefully.  Dahlia stems are hollow and very brittled. The position in which they grow is the position in which they stay!  Try to straighten them and you have just picked an entire plant of Dahlias.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dahlia Time (and re-blooming iris)

It's been a while.  This season has been keeping up with weeds and waiting for dahlias.

Moonflower vines on the arbor, purple dahlias beside. 

Early evening by the pond.

Kogane Fubuki dahlia

'Penelope' ? dinnerplate dahlia

Dahlias by the pond
 These re-blooming iris started several weeks ago and are still putting up stalks.

Rebloomers: TB 'Imorrtality' and an unknown relative.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some More from Mid-America Gardens

Here they come... Those Beautiful Girls! Yes Follies fans the next few posts will highlight the the other new cultivars from Mid-America.

First a median.  This IB has "upright grape juice purple standards reveal red plum styles. Very round, palest pink white falls have dark red purple hafts changing to grape juice purple plicata bands. Short purple veins and sanding flank mid burnt orange beards ending in violet. Showy clumps are filled with stalks having 2 branches and 5 buds."  Or so it will soon in my garden!

'Outer Edge' (Black '11)  IB 23" (58cm) Midseason Sdlg. P108C

"Standards are white almost completely sanded and washed deep lilac-rose except in their centers" on Ballet Performance.  "Styles are honey with buff-pink crests. Wide stark white falls have narrow lilac-rose plicata bands with paler dotting inside them and darker hafts. Beards are tangerine over a white base."
Ballet Performance (Johnson, 2007). Seedling T94D . TB, 31" (79 cm), Early bloom season.
Then there's Satin and Lace: "Orangey peach standards top slightly lighter falls. Darker style arms peer from between ruffled and domed standards. Soft tangerine beards are the perfect accompaniment."

'Satin and Lace' (Black '11) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm) Sdlg. O50A
Secret Affair displays, "palest milk glass pink standards become the color of the reverse on bluish milk glass falls blushed pink over hafts. All petals are ruffled and edged in lace. Pastel blue beards are tipped palest tangerine in keeping with the overall elegance of these flowers."

'Secret Affair' (Johnson '10) TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm) Sdlg. TW3B
A child of 'Paul Black' and 'Saturn', 'Sharp Dressed Man', grammar notwithstanding, promises to be another striking display of a bright orange beard against a rich dark color.

'Sharp Dressed Man' (Johnson '10) TB Early Midseason 36” (91cm) Sdlg. TZ58A
Paul Johnson says, "Think Tina Turner and spiked heels." This space age display of ruffles and frills is accented by thin, dramatic violet horns.
'Stilletos' (Johnson '09) TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm) Sdlg. TW3B
This heavily violet promises to be a sturdy increases as noted by AIS convention visitors.

'Super Model' (Johnson '07) TB 40" (102 cm) Sdlg. T125B
Here's one that I am really looking forward to!  Creamy white. the falls are washed with an amazing display of color, it won honorable mention and later an award of merit.

'Wonders Never Cease' (Black '07') Seedling L83B. TB, height 40" (102 cm), early to mid season bloom