Friday, August 17, 2012

Some More from Mid-America Gardens

Here they come... Those Beautiful Girls! Yes Follies fans the next few posts will highlight the the other new cultivars from Mid-America.

First a median.  This IB has "upright grape juice purple standards reveal red plum styles. Very round, palest pink white falls have dark red purple hafts changing to grape juice purple plicata bands. Short purple veins and sanding flank mid burnt orange beards ending in violet. Showy clumps are filled with stalks having 2 branches and 5 buds."  Or so it will soon in my garden!

'Outer Edge' (Black '11)  IB 23" (58cm) Midseason Sdlg. P108C

"Standards are white almost completely sanded and washed deep lilac-rose except in their centers" on Ballet Performance.  "Styles are honey with buff-pink crests. Wide stark white falls have narrow lilac-rose plicata bands with paler dotting inside them and darker hafts. Beards are tangerine over a white base."
Ballet Performance (Johnson, 2007). Seedling T94D . TB, 31" (79 cm), Early bloom season.
Then there's Satin and Lace: "Orangey peach standards top slightly lighter falls. Darker style arms peer from between ruffled and domed standards. Soft tangerine beards are the perfect accompaniment."

'Satin and Lace' (Black '11) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm) Sdlg. O50A
Secret Affair displays, "palest milk glass pink standards become the color of the reverse on bluish milk glass falls blushed pink over hafts. All petals are ruffled and edged in lace. Pastel blue beards are tipped palest tangerine in keeping with the overall elegance of these flowers."

'Secret Affair' (Johnson '10) TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm) Sdlg. TW3B
A child of 'Paul Black' and 'Saturn', 'Sharp Dressed Man', grammar notwithstanding, promises to be another striking display of a bright orange beard against a rich dark color.

'Sharp Dressed Man' (Johnson '10) TB Early Midseason 36” (91cm) Sdlg. TZ58A
Paul Johnson says, "Think Tina Turner and spiked heels." This space age display of ruffles and frills is accented by thin, dramatic violet horns.
'Stilletos' (Johnson '09) TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm) Sdlg. TW3B
This heavily violet promises to be a sturdy increases as noted by AIS convention visitors.

'Super Model' (Johnson '07) TB 40" (102 cm) Sdlg. T125B
Here's one that I am really looking forward to!  Creamy white. the falls are washed with an amazing display of color, it won honorable mention and later an award of merit.

'Wonders Never Cease' (Black '07') Seedling L83B. TB, height 40" (102 cm), early to mid season bloom

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