Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Activity: Labels and Maps

Not much more to do outside, but I am working to get ready for the spring.  Earlier this year I bought a new Brother label printer.  I have been pleased with earlier models, but this one, PT-2730, includes USB linking to my Mac and software to layout labels.  I love it!  Best part for me is that I can store the templates on the computer.

This machine allows for 1" labels so that I can get more info right by the cultivar.  I did have to move to the larger zinc labels, which also have stainless steel wires.  Taking the lead from my friend David, I have moved to using labels that print black on clear (instead of white) tape.  This results in a less glaring product.

Of course I have lots of maps to update as well!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The New Dykes Medal Winner is NOT in My Garden

I received it in 2011 as a bonus from Schreiner's.  It did not bloom this summer but seems to be established, so next year the 2012 I thought American Dyke's Medal Winner, 'Florentine Silk', would be blooming at Diamond Rise!  I was so excited!  But, alas...

'Florentine Silk' (Keppel, 2005)

The iris I have is 'Italian Velvet'.  Can you see how my false excitement was triggered?

'Italian Velevet' (Keppel, 2005)

OK, so they don't look alike, but it is an Italian Fabric. And they were both registered by Keith Keppel in 2005. Darn.  And double darn because David and I missed meeting him because we were too polite to crash into his back yard this spring. 

The Dykes Medal is the best of the best.  Each year irises are judged best in their class.  For 2012 the Wister Medal for best Tall Bearded Iris went to "Gypsy Lord.'  Another Keppel introduction.  The man is a witch.... or a warlock.

'Gypsy Lord' (Keppel '09) 

I Don't have that either.  The shame.  Kyle asked if we had to move before the neighbors find out.

Oh well.  New acquisitions to be made!