Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Robert Van Liere 2013 TB Introductions

Robert Van Liere in Denver (iris4u.com) has introduced 10 tall bearded iris this year.  I am ordering from this source for the first time this year and have been quite impressed by the responsiveness of Bob to my inquiries.  At his website you will find some more detail about these intros, but I really find his lack of a flowery, pardon the pun, pitch for each new intro refreshing!  Certainly some detail about a feature that the photo does not reveal are in order, but some of the cutesy description don't speak to me.

This one has stunning veins in the falls.  It's really growing on me. 'Butterfly Kisses' is my second favorite of this lot!

'Butterfly Kisses' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
Carry Me Home makes think I need to have a bed just for pastel colors like this, another for bright colors and another for the glitz.

'Carry Me Home' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
Celtic Dancer is beautiful, but does not break new ground.

UPDATE: Thanks to Bob for a response to by blog.  He was positive for the most part but took issue with my above assessment:
We named this Iris Celtic Dancer because of it's definite coloration - GREEN - To me this is breaking new ground.  Many of the green iris or iris with green names are yellow and not green.  By naming it Celtic Dancer we wanted to capture the feeling it was green but apparently it didn't speak to you in this manner.  It is not green as grass or green as the Boston Celtic uniforms but it is greener than many of the so called green Iris presently out there.  Breaking new ground comes in small steps and our Celtic Dancer is a dance step in that direction...
Indeed, Robert. Photos are hard to judge.  And. as in the past I point my readers to the official AIS Wiki. 6 different photos can look like 6 different iris.
'Celtic Dancer' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
Now this is one I love!  If the photo is accurate I see a parchment where a edges have been aged in those falls.  'Crown Him King' is my favorite.

'Crown Him King' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
Again very nice... I am trying to see the standards of 'Dark Stormy Night' clearly. They seemed to be edged with a narrow band of pale lilac.

'Dark Stormy Night' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
 Very Nice. 'Dawn's Early Light' seems to be another iteration of the Honky Tonk Blues look.
'Dawn's Early Light' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
I love the rusty gold hues of 'Earthly Pleasures.'

'Earthly Pleasure' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)
The last three are also lovely.  I especially like the veining in 'Life Song Sings.'  Interesting name.  Had to look it up.  LifeSongs is an album by Casting Crowns a Christian Rock band.

'Life Song Sings' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)

'Rare View' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)

'Sorority Sisters' (TB Robert Van Liere 2013)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Paul Black 2013 Introduced Medians

When it comes to new introduction this year, Paul Black takes the cake.  By my count there are a total of 43 introductions.  Here are his 27 median introductions (though I think that MDBs are really not medians by definition. If they are the medians are really not in the middle of anything!)

I've heard comments that there are just too many new intros.  Not sure how I feel about that.  The MTBs Huggable You and Lilac Wings are a just too retro. Don't seem to be breaking any new ground.  My faves are at the end.

'Beetlejiuce' (MDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) MDB Early-Midseason-Rebloom 7.5” (19cm) Totally cute with its dark purple kitty whiskers. Favorite with garden visitors. Sdlg. Q80F: Chart X Kaching

'Beyond The Sky' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm) Fabulous clumps of lovely mid blue flowers with wine red fall spots. Sdlg. R221A: Devoted X He’s so Shy sib

'Black Olive' (MDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) MDB Late-Rebloom 7.5” (19cm) Super vigorous. Beards give it pizzazz. Sdlg. R278E: Fido sib X (Wish Upon a Star x Bad Intentions)

'Blazing Gold' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Very Late 15” (38cm) What can I say - THE BEARDS! Subtle minimal plicata. Sdlg. R255B: (Brash x Pink Frosting) X Clever

'Come And Get It' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) Early-Midseason 10” (25cm) Bright orange beards are front and center on strongly flared falls. Clumps demand your attention. Sdlg. R231B: (Involved seedlings x Breezy Blue) X Clever
'Crack Me Up' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Early-Midseason 11” (28cm) Fantastic color and pattern coming from Banded Tiger. Sdlg. R249B: (Hugs x Skimbleshanks) X Banded Tiger

'Desert Snow' (AB OGB- P.Black 2013)

(Black ‘13) AB OGB- arilbred-median Midseason-Late 25” (63cm) Easy and strong growth. One branch & 3-4 buds. Sdlg. R159B: Lancer X Open Your Eye

'Dog and Pony Show' (IB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) IB Midseason-Late 27” (69cm) Fabulous form & color. Show stalks have 2 branches plus spur & 6-8 buds. Fertile. Sdlg. R202A: (High Master x (Key to Success x self)) X Love Spell

'Easter Party' (MTB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) tetraploid MTB Early-Midseason 26” (66cm). Myriad of creamy orange flowers. Strong garden impact. Sdlg. S198A Cheerful Doll X Sun Spirit

'Blazing Gold' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) Clean smooth colors make this a standout. Eye-popping clumps. Sdlg. R269E: Pawn X (Chemistry x Doozey)

'Fun In the Sun' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) Blindingly bright glaciata. Yellow fall spot has a metallic sheen I can’t capture in a picture. Sdlg. R300A: (Ghost Ship x Ghost Ship sib) X Total Denial sib

'Gag Gift' (SDB P.Black 2013)
SDB Midseason-Late 15.75” (41cm) Unique color & pattern. Interesting IB X SDB parentage. Sdlg. R172C: Intoxicating X (Branded sib x Artful)

'Gift of Gab' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm) Lovely form, color, pattern and clumps. Sdlg. Q84A: Ghost Ship X (Hugs x Skimbleshanks)

'Glitzorama' (BB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) BB Early-Midseason 25” (63cm) Neat color and pattern. Note gold bands around standards. Half plicata parentage. Should be nice parent for medians. Sdlg. R163A: High Master X Inspired sib 

'Going In Circles' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm) Fabulous unique color. Very red spot. Much admired by garden visitors.Sdlg. R269D: Exclaim sib

'Blazing Gold' (BB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) BB Midseason-Late 27” (69cm) Two branches + spur & 8-9 buds. Superb parent for hot pinks and reverse bicolors. Fertile. Sdlg. R176C: Always Lovely X (Dolce x Pink Flyaway)

'Graceful' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm) Totally unique yellow & pink bicolor glaciata. YES! Sdlg. R260A: (Trust in Dreams x Honey Bunny) X (Brash x Pink Frosting)

'Blazing Gold' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm) One of the cleanest of blue & green combinations. Weather affects clarity of color. Much admired. Sdlg. Q36A: Lab pollen parent X (Dime x (Panther x Toddler))

'Huggable You' (MTB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) diploid MTB Midseason-Very Late 25” (63cm) Expansive clumps filled with stalks and bloom. Sdlg. S228B: Bach Fugue X Performer

'Lilac Wings' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) diploid or mixed MTB Midseason-Late 22” (56cm) Tangerine beards are the perfect accent. Sdlg. S226A: Ah Yes X Wistful Wisteria

'Lovable Pink' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm) Yummy color and beautiful ruffled form. Coral pink beards. Very subtle plicata. Sdlg. R273A: Involved Pussycat Pink seedlings X Love Spell

'Matador's Cape' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Midseason-Very Late 13” (33cm) Vibrant completely saturated dark orange beards! Makes clumps you won’t soon forget. Sdlg. R264E: Delayed Development X He’s So Shy sib 

'My Cher of Happiness' (BB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) BB Midseason-Late 27” (69cm) Gorgeous form. Show stalks with 3 branches and 8-9 buds. Sdlg. R189A: (Lipstick Kiss x (Queen Anne’s Lace x Larue Boswell)) X Always Lovely

'No Restraint' (IB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) IB Early-Midseason 25” (63cm) Color you can’t ignore. What a beard! Nicely branched stalks. Strong growth. Sdlg. R210A: Pawn X Starring

'On A Whim' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Early-Midseason 11” (28cm) It’s all about being cute. Must be seen in clump to appreciate it. Sdlg. R286C: (Dollop of Cream sib x Stormy Circle) X (Sequel x He’s so Shy pollen parent)
'Rain In Spain' (SDB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) SDB Early-Midseason 15.5” (39cm) Clear light blue & white plicata. Superb form. Great clumps. Sdlg. R284A: Graph X Total Denial sib

'Rustler's Phapsody' (BB P.Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) BB Early-Midseason 25” (63cm) Bright & bold color! Show stalks have 3 branches & 7-9 buds. Demonstrates the versatility of Here We Go as a parent. Fertile both ways. Strong clean growth. Sdlg. R186A: Here We Go X Wild

Rain In Spain SDB is just the blue I love, but Fun In The Sun is my pick for an SDB with a wonderful form and color. Glitzorama is a so showy and I am a sucker for that, but I have to say it's the worst name since 'Splashacata.'  Of course all of this is based on photos...


Thomas Johnson 2013 Introduced Medians

The medians for 2013 number nine.  My favorites at the end of this post.

'Ambitious One' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Early 12” (30cm) Lovely pastel plicata. Excellent foil for bolder more colorful irises. Strong growth. Sdlg. TC232A: Chart X Banded Tiger

'Beckoning' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)

(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Midseason 15” (38cm) Those big yellow beards will beckon you from across the yard. Makes a startling clump that can’t be ignored. Sdlg. TC269D: Pulsator X Film Star sib

'Code Of Honor' (IB T.Johnson 2013) 
(T.Johnson ‘13) IB Midseason 25” (63cm) Strong growth creates clumps filled with bloom. Beautiful form one would expect from Bluebeard’s Ghost. Sdlg. TB91A: Bluebeard’s Ghost X Mythology

'Cotillion Ball' (MTB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) tetraploid MTB Early 26” (66cm) Loads of these pretty little peach flowers on well-proportioned stalks. Excellent parentage. Sdlg. TC69B: Tic Tac Toe X Bundle of Love

'Dubai' (AB OGB+ T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) AB OGB+ Early-Midseason 33” (84cm) Beautiful aril characteristics including recurved falls, big red black signal spots and diffuse beards. Spectacular. Sdlg. TC229A: Lancer X Energizer

'Fashion Baby'
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm) Lovely form, lovely color, what’s not to like? Destined to be very popular. Sdlg. TC248A: Warm and Fuzzy X First Dance

'Ping' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Midseason 12” (30cm) Lovely compact form. An amazing beard shines like a beacon. Sdlg. TC243B: (Pulsator x Bright Flash) 

'Short Film' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm) Very pretty & unique plicata. Clumps herald the return of spring. Sdlg. TC232E: Chart X Banded Tiger

'Thump' (SDB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) SDB 14” (36cm) Super wide falls. Subtle pastel that blends well with stronger colors. Sdlg. TC264A: Capiche X (Devoted x Clever)

And now, my favorites:
Dubai is a striking Arilbred.  I have one AB in my garden.  We'll see how that goes before I try another.  The SDB Fashion Baby is a real charmer.  The blushed falls are charming.  My favorite is Code Of Honor. I was so impressed by a group of 'Wild' another IB when I visited Mid-America that I can see this like blue sky next to the orange sun of 'Wild'.

My First Trip Into The Garden 2013

The snow has mostly melted.  It's in the 40s so time to check out the garden.  "Gonna beat those deer and bunnies this year!" thought I.

But alas, a warm day a week ago awoke the tulips and the wildlife beat me to the garden.  Again.

The beds are in pretty good shape, though there was a lot of frost heave.  I hope the irises didn't suffer too mucc  

A birdhouse, gift from Shar, waits for a resident and the trellis behind is waiting for a clematis.

In the yard fewmets from the Questing Beast... or more likely deer ...

 an unknown visitor ...

and Koda.  At least Koda does not eat tulips.

Here are some tulips that are just coming up.

These came up without calling me first.

These made a tender snack.

Now the garden has been sprayed with deer and rabbit repellent, "Liquid Fence."


And this little froggy was fooled by the warm weather last week and is now in my water feature, en glaceĆ©.