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2nd Order from

Working on filling out my Medal Winners, I added a few from a new source.  I will report in the fall how my experience is with  Bob Van Liere, is a hybridizer.

'Drama Queen' (TB K.Keppel 2002)
American Dykes Medal 2011
Wister Medal 2009
'Drama Queen' (Keith Keppel, R. 2002). Seedling 96-10B. TB, height 38" (97 cm), Early Mid bloom season. Standards near-solid dark blackish cyclamen purple (M&P 48-L-9/10), very faint golden buff ground toward base; style arms blended rose brown (7-H-8) and slate purple (46-I-6); falls cyclamen (47-L-9), golden capucine buff (9-E-5) ground showing as blaze and distinct veining; beards rusty orange (11-H-2), purple mid-layer, white base; slight sweet fragrance. Parentage 'Tangled Web' X 'Epicenter'. Keppel 2003. Honorable Mention 2005; Award of Merit 2007Wister Medal 2009American Dykes Medal 2011.

'Mesmerizer' (TB Byers 1990)
American Dykes Medal 2002
Wister Medal 2000

'Mesmerizer' (Monty Byers, R. 1990). Sdlg. E101-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), Medium season Bloomer. Ruffled white; beards tangerine red with large uplifted frilly white flounce terminating in pale green button pompon. B37-12: ('Sky Hooks' x 'Condottiere') X 'Branching Out'. Moonshine 1991. Honorable Mention 1993; Award of Merit 1996; Wister Medal 2000American Dykes Medal 2002.

'Anvil of Darkness' (TB Innerst 2013)
'Anvil of Darkness' (Sterling Innerst, registered 1998). Seedling 3936-10. TB, height 29" (75 cm), mid season bloom. Black self; beards black; slight fragrance. 2336-3: ('By Night' x 'Swazi Princess') X 'Before The Storm'. Innerst 1998. Honorable Mention 2000; President's Cup 2001Award of Merit 2002.

UPDATE:  I Intended to order 'Hello Darkness', a Dykes Winner, but ordered 'Anvil' instead. Bob Van Liere was gracious about making a change, but 'Hello Darkness' is not one he sells. Dykes Medal Winner does not equal great grower in any particular area.  In fact Beverly Sills preforms well for some in my area and for others, not so much.  Van Liere writes... 
Neil,  I have never been able to grow Hello Darkness.  When ever it came out, 10-12 years ago maybe longer I ordered 3 plants and I think I still have 3 plants maybe less or I just completely gave up on it and discarded what I did have.  It has maybe flowered once in all those years, it just won't increase for me.  I have moved it and it isn't happy any place I have planted it.  Anvil of Darkness, Before the Storm and Black Suited are the three really black ones that seem to do well for me.  Midnight Oil has never respond to our climate either.  I need to try some of the newer ones but haven't gotten around to ordering them yet.  Maybe this year.  If you don't want Anvil of Darkness let me know which one I can replace it with.
So I will give it a chance!  I have 'Before the Storm' and 'Night Owl', two "black" cultivars.  Night Owl did really well for a number of years, but neither did anything much last year. 

'Crowned Heads' (TB Keppel 1996)
American Dykes Medal 2004
Wister Medal 2003
'Crowned Heads' (Keith Keppel, R. 1996). Seedling 90-67A. TB, 38" (97 cm), Mid boom season. Standards wisteria violet (M&P 41-E-8/9), slightly deeper (41-HI-10) base; style arms light blue (41-A-5/6); falls light blue (33-A-5) shaded deeper (41-B-8) in heart, aging silvery blue white; beards blue (33-A-7), goldenrod (10-L-5) in throat; slight sweet fragrance. 'In Reverse' X 'Honky Tonk Blues'. Keppel 1997. Honorable Mention 1999; Award of Merit 2001Wister Medal 2003American Dykes Medal 2004.

'Titan's Glory' (TB Schreiners 1981)
American Dykes Medal 1988

'Titan's Glory' (Schreiners, R. 1981). Seedling K 80-A. TB, height 37" (94 cm). Early to Midseason bloom. Bishops purple; self beard. 'Navy Strut' X H 201-2: ((Y 54-A x Y 240-B) x ('Rococo' x 'Prince Indigo')). Schreiner 1981. Honorable Mention 1983; Award of Merit 1985; American Dykes Medal 1988.

'Abby and Me' (TB Burseen 2003)
'Abby And Me' (Tom Burseen, registered 2003). Seedling 99-283AZ. TB, height 37" (94 cm), mid season bloom. Standards bright lemon yellow (RHS 13B); style arms bright yellow; falls white, 1/4" bright yellow rim; beards dark buttercup yellow (15B), white flounce ending in tattered yellow spoon; heavily ruffled, flared. 95-280: ('Triple Whammy' x 'All Aflutter') X 96-206: ('Part Prude' x 'Triffid'). TB's Place 2004. HM 2008, AM 2012.

'Prague' (TB T.Johnson 2004)
'Prague' (Thomas Johnson, R. 2004). Seedling #T195A. TB, 36" (91 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards medium peach, midrib infused red plum; style arms medium apricot; falls velvety, dark burgundy paling slightly toward edge, narrow rosy-mauve rim; beards dark purple tipped dark henna-brown; ruffled, lightly laced; slight spicy fragrance. Naples X Ocelot. Mid-America 2005.

'That's All Folks' (TB Ghio 2004)
Wister Medal 2011
(Dykes, runner-up 2012)

'That's All Folks' (William Maryott by Joseph Ghio, R. 2004). Seedling DD-117G. TB, height 40" (102 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards brilliant gold; falls white with gold blending to wide muted gold band; beards gold. Sibling to 'Pure And Simple'. Bay View 2005. Honorable Mention 2007; Award of Merit 2009Wister Medal 2011.

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