Monday, March 25, 2013

My First Trip Into The Garden 2013

The snow has mostly melted.  It's in the 40s so time to check out the garden.  "Gonna beat those deer and bunnies this year!" thought I.

But alas, a warm day a week ago awoke the tulips and the wildlife beat me to the garden.  Again.

The beds are in pretty good shape, though there was a lot of frost heave.  I hope the irises didn't suffer too mucc  

A birdhouse, gift from Shar, waits for a resident and the trellis behind is waiting for a clematis.

In the yard fewmets from the Questing Beast... or more likely deer ...

 an unknown visitor ...

and Koda.  At least Koda does not eat tulips.

Here are some tulips that are just coming up.

These came up without calling me first.

These made a tender snack.

Now the garden has been sprayed with deer and rabbit repellent, "Liquid Fence."


And this little froggy was fooled by the warm weather last week and is now in my water feature, en glaceé. 

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