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2013 TB Iris Introductions by Paul Black (and Thomas Johnson link)

I've posted the 2013 Tall Bearded Intros from Thomas Johnson (and just updated that with the 2013 catalog descriptions).  Now here are the 2013 Tall Bearded Iris Introductions by Paul Black and their catalog descriptions.

'After the Rain' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm) The road to a white iris with dark blue beard has been long and elusive. Luckily this work has been rewarded with other outstanding irises along the way. After the Rain is one of those. Amply ruffled and strongly flared milk glass white blooms have standards blushed light violet up midribs. Show stalks have 3 branches and 8-10 buds. Clean, healthy growth. Heavy substance. Sdlg. R31A: Simply Sensational X Blue Trill

'All Ashore' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm) Strong, classically formed and heavily ruffled flowers make All Ashore a standout in any garden. Robust, healthy plants with clean foliage produce show stalks having 2 branches plus spur and carrying 7-9 buds. Heavy substance assures long lasting bloom. Sweet perfume. Excellent parentage. It is an iris you will return to again and again. Sdlg. R21A: In Living Color X (Louisa’s Song x Sea Power)

'Bashful Princess' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm) Such a demure being should be given a special place in the garden. White standards have pink bases turning to pink veins over centers. Dusky rose hafts and veins are overlaid on cream tan falls. Make note of the peach styles. Soft tangerine coral beards are a nice and fitting accent. Three branches have 8-10 buds. Sweet fragrance. Sdlg. R61A: Wish List X (Impulsive x Luscious Lace)

'Beauty Contest' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason 35” (89 cm) If it is splendidly unique color you’re looking for, look no further. Mid pink standard color repeats in narrow bands around grape purple falls. Smoldering burnt coral orange beards add a bit of drama to this Beauty Contest. Branching and buds are quite variable with 2-3 branches and 5-9 buds. Garden visitors have universally loved this beauty. Sdlg. P211C: Sirocco Mist X Dinner Talk. Wicked Good sib

'Cher And Cher Alike' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 38” (97cm) The time of ordinary standards is over. The rise of new colors and patterns is giving them greater impact and prominence. Deeply saturated amethyst standards have a shimmering satin sheen, are banded plum and intermittently rimmed gilt gold. Plush black falls are set ablaze by dark marigold beards. Strong growth produces show stalks with 3 branches and 7-8 buds. Sdlg. R117A: (Bold Encounter x Foreign Legion) X ((On the House x Romantic Evening) x High Master)

'Enough is Enough' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Very Late 35” (89cm) Compact flowers are ruffled and laced. Falls are the same mid smoky violet as standards but within a few hours centers pale to lovely satiny blue lavender. Big prominent red-orange beards make it anything but boring. Clean vigorous growth produces stalks with 2 branches plus spur and about 7 buds. Heavy waxen substance assures long lasting flowers. Excellent parent for strong growing reverse bicolors and amoenas. Sdlg. O148B: (Suspicion x Cool Confidence) X (Happenstance x (Fashionably Late x Keeping Up Appearances))

'Fred and Ginger' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 31” (79cm) What a lovely ensemble of grace, charm and elegance. Smoky purple standards blend to mauve-pink margins. Chalky light blue falls are banded cameo pink. Unique beards are half coral and half pale blue. Nicely branched stalks have 2 branches plus spur and 7-8 buds. Interesting parentage. Sdlg. R142A: Handmade pollen parent sib X (Flashy Show Girl x (Cameo Appearance sib x Heaven))

'Giorgio' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 40” (102cm) ‘Kiss of Passion’ has been used to help strengthen the standards of some of the current amoenas. In the case of Giorgio it worked very well. Standards are domed and strongly held in place. Tall strong show stalks have 3 branches and 8-9 buds. Growth is healthy and clean. You have to love those big orange red beards! Veining in the falls looks a bit like cascading fireworks. Sdlg. Q15A: Kiss of Passion X Gypsy Lord

'I'm All Shook Up' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 30” (76cm) The name says it all. Just to see how shook up, look at the back cover. Once again the standards take center stage. The cross of (Meritage x Pharaoh’s Spirit) was the beginning of three distinct bands of color in the standards. I’m All Shook Up builds on that heritage. Color and pattern of falls is also quite unique. Two branches plus spur carry 9-10 buds. This is a must have for any collector’s garden. This is one you won’t need a label to be able to identify it. Sdlg. R113A: (Bold Encounter x Foreign Legion) X (Meritage x Pharaoh’s Spirit)

'Laughing Clown' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Very Late 35” (89cm) Laughing Clown is a sure fire show stopper for the end of the season. Ruffled standards are pure bright white. Deep purple falls are neatly edged white. White area around beards is heavily sanded and lined purple. Fast increaser. Show stalks have 3 branches and 8-10 buds. Sdlg.Q4A: Clearance Sale X Liberal Bias

'Melody of Spring' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Late-Very Late 38” (97cm) Once you’ve seen it in your garden you’ll be singing its praises. White standards have yellow margins and veins overall. Strongly flared and ruffled falls are white with yellow rims and hafts. Strong show stalks have 3 branches and 8-10 buds. Husky growth with average increase. Sdlg. R82B: (Padded Shoulders x Country Dawn) X Material Girl

'Men Are From Mars' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 40” (102cm) Men may be from Mars but this down to earth creation has fabulous flowers, stalks and clumps. Clumps are some of the healthiest and most floriferous in the garden. You’ll be glad you have it. Note the gold veining in upper 1/3 of the standards. With Class Clown as one parent, it should be of interest to those breeding rebloomers. Sdlg. R77G: Class Clown X (Ransom Note x What’s My Line)

'Out And About' (TB Black 2013)

(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 40” (102cm) This sibling to ‘Men are from Mars’ has all the fine traits that it does. Rosy mauve standards have light gilt gold rims. Rich red-purple falls have darker plum hafts. Very neat beards are deep burnt orange. Growth is strong and healthy. Clumps are filled with show stalks having 3 branches and 9-10 buds. Sdlg. R77A: Men are from Mars sib

'Peach Butter' (TB Black 2013)

(Black ‘13) TB Early-Midseason 34” (86cm) Clumps of ‘Peach Butter’ are filled with multitudes of moderate sized yummy flowers. Standards are mid peach and falls slightly darker apricot peach. Ruffling is very much in keeping with flower size. Show stalks usually have 4 branches and 8-9 buds. Moderate sized flowers make it easier to transport that stalk to a show without damage. Growth is strong and increase abundant. Use as parent for BBs, IBs and even tet MTBs. Sdlg. R110K: Blushing sib X (Lady of the Night x Paul Black)

'Twice Is Nice' (TB Black 2013)
(Black ‘13) TB Early-Midseason-Rebloom 42” (107cm) Twice is definitely nice when the form and color are what one would expect from a modern iris. Standards are wheat tan. Vibrant fuchsia falls have dark red plum hafts and bands. Dark burnt orange beards are a lovely complement. Several excellent reblooming seedlings were numbered from this cross. Sdlg. S69AR: Class Clown X (Cantina x Sweetly Sung)

'Very Very Good' (TB Black 2013)

(Black ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 30” (76cm) Who could resist these big flashy orange beards! Even though it has shorter stalks and moderate sized flowers, you still won’t be able to ignore it because of the beards. Perfectly proportioned stalks have 3 branches and 8-9 buds. Strong vigorous growth assures instant clumps. Nice fragrance. R110I: Blushing sib X (Lady of the Night x Paul Black) 

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