Saturday, April 27, 2019

Back in Business

It's April 27 and it is snowing in Mendon. NY, south of Rochester.  35ºF and snowing.  So the garden work will be limited to some shed straightening up and other indoor projects.  It seemed a good time to resurrect my gardening blog.

Facebook has become my way of corresponding with friends, family and anyone else who chooses to follow me. But, in the current climate, it has become filled with political points of view.  I make no apologies for that. Thoughtful reactions to what is being happening are more important than ever.  Responses to religious zealots is crucial.  However, I know that with some people the only things I have in common is the love of irises and news about what I am up to in the local Greater Rochester Iris Society and the national American Iris Society.  That will be the focus here.  I hope that I can build a following here for that purpose. Entries here will be linked on Facebook and the long neglected GRIS page.

Many, many new friends have come my way via GRIS and AIS.  I hope to engage them here.

My next few posts will come rapidly in an attempt to "catch-up" with 2019.  You might also take a look back in time to learn about ny garden.

Below is the first iris of spring.  This bulbous iris, is about the size of a crocus and often mistaken for one from a distance.

Visitors are always welcome!  please feel free to contact me at, or call or text 585-301-8256.

i. reticulata
bloomed April 3, 2019