Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Clean-up Update

I have made it through 2.5 beds of iris to clean after bloom season.  Bed A-2, B-2 and half of A-3 are done.  The process involves removing all brown or damaged leaves from the iris and placing them in a bucket headed for the trash, not compost.  It's important to dispose of any foliage that may have disease.  As I move along I use a separate bucket for weeds.  That pile ends up in the grass trimming heap.

I need to get a real compost area going!

As I work I also update my iDraw bed maps with a new drawing layer called "Field Notes."  You can see below that I have marked what bloomed this season with a small green circled "B".  I also circled some cultivars that need to be researched in red.  The software also allows for freehand scribbles which I can record elsewhere or turn into typed text.

On the "plant location" layer I keep some extra symbols that I can easily drag onto the map. (see upper left corner) 

Taking daily photos in the garden helps me to ID, or attempt to ID, unknown cultivars.  

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