Friday, June 17, 2016

June 2: New Arrivals and Old Friends

Barry Blyth is an Australian hybridizer.  His cultivars are generally introduced in the US through Keith Keppel so they are eligible for AIS honors.  He's got some top notch stuff!

'About Town' (TB Barry Blyth 1996)
Still my favorite 'Action Packed' brought me a "Best In Section" award at the GRIS iris show in 2013.

'Action Packed' (TB Paul Black 2011)
Another Blyth intro, the full flowing gown affect of the falls is beautiful.  This is the same amazing form as in Thomas Johnson's 'Call Me Maybe' below.

'Ask Me Nicely' (TB Barry Blyth 2012)
 OK, so maybe this is my favorite...

'Bratislavan Prince' (TB Anton Mego 2010)
'Chameleon' noticeably changes shades as the bloom matures.  The falls have a distinct green-yellow cast.

'Chameleon' (TB Sanford Babson by Ben Hager 1972)

'Cherry Blossom Song' (TB Schreiner 2002)
This amoena has huge blooms.  (Stake that stalk!) I love the lighter hyacinth under the falls that highlights the beautifully ruffled edges.

'Drifting' (TB Schreiner 2011)

 Easter colors in an elegant, eye-catcher.

'Easter Candy' (TB Keith Keppel 2011)

'Expect Wonders' (TB Joseph Ghio 2009)

'Freda's Gift' (TB Don Spoon 2007)
 Absolutely amazing!  When this bloomed in my garden I was dumbstruck.

'Call Me Maybe' (TB Thomas Johnson 2013

'Stairway to Heaven' or 'Mariposa Skies' or.... ?
The striking contrast of this bi-color is unavoidable. A reliable garden favorite.

'Sultan's Palace' (TB Schreiner 1988)

'Suspicion' (TB Keith Keppel 1999)

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