Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 1 part 2

Catching up again...

Here's a bi-color that does very well in my garden.

'Art Form' (TB Ben Hager 1989)
 One I lost 2 years ago.  Ginny Spoon was nice enough to send me another.

'Blue Kentucky Girl' (TB Schreiber 2002)
 Ginny Spoon from Winterberry also helped me to fill in my Dykes collection with this historic iris.

'First Violet' (TB Fred DeForest 1952)
American Dykes Medal 1956
 In the Bestiary 2 gnu... I mean new cultivars bloomed from Brad Kasperek.  'Gnu' and 'King Tush' compliment each other nicely.

'Gnu' (TB Brad Kasperek 1993)
'King Tush' (TB Brad Kasperek 1997)
A relatively new Wister Medal winner just bloomed this season.

'Kathy Chilton' (TB Frederick Kerr 2006)
Wister Medal 2012
Another new bloom is Sutton's 'Lord Of Rings.'  Shades of bronze with a a subtle darker bronze edge that widen from the hafts toward the end of the falls make it unusual.

'Lord of Rings' (TB George Sutton 2003)
 Historic irises like Minnesota Skies remind us of the origins of modern hybrids.

'Minnesota Skies' (TB Alice Foss for Victor Hartkopf 1957)
 Speaking of modern hybrids, 'Montmartre' has just about every feature of the newest hybrids. Over the top?  Sure.  I love it.
'Montmartre' (TB Keith Keppel 2008)
 This border bearded is another white with purple plicata. It is distinguished by the vey narrow edge on the falls and lightly peppered as well.

'Orinoco Flow' (BB C. Bartlett 1993)

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