Saturday, June 18, 2016

Today, June 18 - Iris to Daylily

Today the transition begins.  I started the cleanup gardening yesterday.  Bed by bed clean up of irises, Weeding and removing the spent blooms.  Beds A-1, A-2 and part of A-3 are done.  I have been dragging around the pop up canopy for shade and using a mister to cool off.

The great surprise was one last iris just bloomed.  Brand new from Schreiber last year, it's quite lovely, fully ruffled with gray-blue banded falls.  It's listed as "late bloom" which is certainly accurate!

'Blew My Mind' (TB Schreiner 2014)

The daylilies have started to bloom.  One early gold spider has come and gone.

'Eye of Ra" 

'Hazel's Gift'
And now, back to the past.

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