Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Catching Up Day by Day: 5-31

The morning after my party I was exhilarated.  So much fun and the highlight of a wonderful season. The show was yet to come, but I have always preferred watching people enjoy these amazing flowers in their natural setting.  It also reminds me what great friends I have from so many places.

Primarily devoted to bearded iris, I also have beardless varieties and have added some every year.  Here is the Siberian, 'China Spring.' It's like a flight of butterflies has landed in a corner of the garden. Topping out at 40" this is an impressive sight.

'China Spring' (SIB Bauer & Coble 1999)

 This is the Dykes Medal winner for 2009 and it's easy to see why.  The incredible golden bronze self (standards and falls are the same color) is visible from space.  Well maybe not, but certainly it draws ones eye. 'Golden Panther' is perfect in form for those who like a horizontal fall.  It has taken a while to establish itself in my garden, but it loved this season, although like many TBs it did not bloom at its full height,

'Golden Panther' (TB Richard Tasco 2000)
 It was time for the MTBs to bloom. 'Icing' and 'Little White Tiger' are planted side by side and bloomed together this year.  Quite a display.

'Icing' (MTB Stephanie Markham 2011)
'Little White Tiger' (MTB Jean Witt 2013)
 Artistic Break!
I love documenting the bloom in my garden. I'use those straight up photos to keep track of what bloomed when and how well it bloomed.  But I also enjoy making an artistic statement.  This photo of 'Kevin's Theme' is more about lighting and framing.  The depth of field is shallow making the iris and buds sharp and the background blooms forming colorful wallpaper effect.

 Purchased at the GRIS Iris Sale last year, 'Potomac Fireworks' is a "space age" iris. The beards come to a point and lift off the falls.  This point is called a horn.  Yes, Virginia, a new rhizome can bloom the season after it is purchased.

'Potomac Fireworks' (TB Don Spoon 2002)
Here's a fun little guy. 'Wild' is a bright rust orange with complex monochromatic markings.  Another one that took a couple of years to establish itself here.  I saw a beautiful planting in Oregon at Mid-America and could not wait to try it in upstate NY.

'Wild' (BB Paul Black 2012)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Neil. You have created a lovely effect with your photo of 'Kevin's Theme'. I'm eagerly anticipating your September 11 program for GRIS on photographic effects in the garden.