Monday, March 5, 2012

An Unknown for a Cold Day

B-r-r-r-r. Twenty-four degees. I might clean up a few leaves today, but I won't be out for long.  Tomorrow 42 and and Wednesday 60... that should get me outside!

Today then will be a time to post a mystery cultivar.  I hope a reader can help with the ID.

My friend David and another member of Bluegrass Iris Society in Lexington has already given some great input on this one. I had it labeled "Too Sweet" is my garden.  It seemed seemed a great name.  While it is spectacular it also looks like a cloying confection. It is a fuscia-pink self with bright tangerine beards.

What's in my garden, bloom from 2011

Too Sweet from Pleasant Valley
This Tall Bearded Iris has standards and falls that are light salmon pink.
 This iris blooms mid-seaso""n and is 36" tall. Hybridizer: Ernst '94

Too make sure that I actually have Too Sweet (Ernst '94), I ordered it from Pleasant Valley last year.

Here is David's best guess and I think it a great one!

 Prom Night

Raspberry Ripple - historical

Rose (Gaultier) older variety

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