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2013 TB Iris Introductions by Thomas Johnson

From their Facebook page, here are the 2013 Mid-America Introductions.  All from Thomas Johnson, so it seems that Paul Black really did retire...

UPDATE:  Paul Black had 40 Introductions in the catalog!  Mostly medians, but 13 TBs and 1 MDB.  I have added catalog descriptions for Thomas' Introduction and 'Full of Grace', 'In The News' and 'Project Runway', not mentioned in the Facebook postings. Quoted ("") comments are from the Mid-America Facebook page.


"Don't Stop Believing T Johnson 2013 TB. Oh the Beard! This one has been used a lot in hybridizing for Blue bearded pinks. So far it is proving itself to be a good parent. Another child of Secret Affair. A late bloomer but a strong grower and nice tall strong stalks. A favorite."

Don't Stop Believing T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Late 42” (107cm) Well constructed flowers are lavishly ruffled and laced. Standards are clear mid pink. Wide milk glass white falls have pink hafts and edge. Unusual beards are half tangerine and half lilac. Strong stalks have up to 9 buds. You won’t have any trouble believing how beautiful it is. Should be a beneficial parent in working for blue or violet beards on pinks. Sdlg. TA80A: (Ballet Royal x Corps de Ballet) X Secret Affair 

"Girl Gone Wild T Johnson 2013 TB. I have been working the lined pattern quite a bit. Love the brightness of this one with very precise veining."

Girl Gone Wild T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 32” (81cm) This girl has gone completely and totally wild. Standards transition from peach bases to light gold margins. Cream fall centers are overlaid with red lines becoming a red wash over light gold base. Mid gold bands encircle this wild combination of color and pattern. Stalks have 7-8 buds. Totally unique. You won’t mistake it for another. Sdlg.TX16A: Impulsive X Whispering Spirits

"Edge of Heaven T Johnson 2013 TB. The gold halo on the Standards sets this one aglow. Very strong growth and vigor. Very showy in the garden"

Edge of Heaven T Johnson 2013 TB
TB Midseason 36” (92cm) Here’s a colorful addition for your garden. White standards are banded light gold. Large white fall spot transitions to washed mid red purple band and then to wide darker wine band. Yellow lacing on style arms echoes the yellow orange beards and adds a warm touch. Makes a very bright spot in the garden. Sdlg. TB16B: Jazz Band X ((Dude Ranch x Bold Vision) x Snapshot sib) 

"Bronze Heart T Johnson 2013 TB. Very unique color. On the shorter end of the class but with gorgeous full formed flowers."

Bronze Heart T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson 13) TB Early-Midseason 34” (86 cm) Subtle and mysterious colors. Standards are icy blue-white. Lavender purple falls have a bronze flash below bright orange beards. Hafts are red brown. Nicely branched stalks have 6-7 buds. Sdlg. TB139A: (Thundermaker x (Natural Grace x Poetess)) X ((Fogbound x Heaven) x Starring) 
"Heat is On T Johnson 2013 TB. I love bright colors and this one fits the bill. Large flowers on good stems and strong growth."

Heat is On T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Early-Midseason 35” (89cm) Standards are intense pinkish apricot blend. Wine veins overlay paler apricot sunbursts on wide and ruffled falls. Remainder of fall is dark wine. Tangerine beards bump the heat up one more notch. Heat Is On demands you stop and take note of its presence in the garden. Sdlg. TB30A: Snapshot X Guardian Angel
  "Land Down Under T Johnson 2013 TB. Not sure what to call it, perhaps a reverse brown bitone? or maybe just a reverse bicolor. This is a sib to Auckland and last years Scandinavian Gal. All three sibs are super strong growers with lots of buds and show stalks. I like each one for different reasons but this is my favorite of the three. Wonderful form and color..."
Land Down Under T Johnson 2013 TB

(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 38” (97cm) Brassy khaki standards are infused maroon up midribs. Subdued mid gold falls have light violet flashes around old gold beards. Strong stalks have 9 buds. Fast increase creates an instant clump of these beauties. You don’t have to fly south to enjoy Land Down Under. Sdlg. TB129C: (Wintry Sky x Mango Daiquiri sib) X Audacious Amber

"Fine Romance T Johnson 2013 TB. A fellow hybridizer and friend once said that he believed the blue pink coloration seen in Iris was pretty unique to the genus. I have to agree, I know of no other flower that can have these wonderful blue tones in the pink. This is a sib to Faithfully Yours. One of the parents, Secret Affair is going to show up quite a bit in future intros. It has proven itself a great parent for the Blue pink blends with bluish beards and great form."

Fine Romance T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 35” (89cm) Fine Romance has just enough blue in its makeup to appear visually a very clean and clear pink in the garden. Crinkled lace adorns each petal. Beards are soft coral with just a touch of lilac at their ends. Vigorous growth. Sdlg. TA40C: In Love Again X Secret Affair 

"Glimmer of Hope T Johnson 2013 TB. Parentage involves Jazz Band, Snapshot, Dude Ranch and Bold Vision. Clump effect is a big plus on this one. Clean clear colors on a very precise pattern. The flowers are of a more moderate size but are produced in profusion with great stalks."

 Glimmer of Hope T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 35” (89cm) Standards are golden apricot. Falls are several shades lighter blending paler approaching mango beards. Falls are edged with a ruffled red-brown band. Moderate sized flowers are presented on show stalks having up to 9 buds. Sdlg. TC85A: ((Dude Ranch x Bold Vision) x Snapshot sib) X Jazz Band
"Arts And Crafts T Johnson 2013 TB. This one is similar to In The News but a bit more of a blend. In the garden it give somewhat of a gothic look."
Arts And Crafts T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm) Light yellow standards beam from above falls washed and shaded maroon. Mustard beards are surrrounded by lighter yellow patches. Amply ruffled falls are edged tan. Show stalks average 9 buds. Sdlg. TA1C: Bold Encounter X Brave Face

"Taking Chances T Johnson 2013 TB. This is a sister seedling to Beacon of Light. Nice clean contrast with a lighter edge on the falls. Nice ruffles and looks good in clump."

Taking Chances T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Early 34” (86cm) There isn’t much chance you won’t like this frothy ruffled creation. Closed and ruffled standards are icy violet white. Mid purple falls blend darker over centers and hafts and have narrow violet white bands. Sdlg. TC72D: Painter’s Touch X Dinner Talk 

"Call Me Maybe T Johnson 2013 TB. An interesting blending of pinks and violets in this one. Comes from a cross involving Royal Sterling, Decadence and Hysteria. Will most likely be a love it or hate it color but lots of interesting breeding potential. I love the "watermark" band on the falls and the nice ruffled form."
Call Me Maybe T Johnson 2013 TB
TB Early-Midseason 34” (86cm) Pale pink standards are flushed light violet. Palest pink falls are washed and veined light violet to within 1/4” of edge. About 7 buds is normal. All petals are heavily ruffled. Sdlg. TC369B: Cameo Minx sib X Hysteria 
"Full Disclosure T Johnson 2013 TB. My first flat introduction. It has been extremely consistent for us. Good stems and growth with six falls and 6 beards."

Full Disclosure T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 36” (91cm) For those connoisseurs of flat irises, Full Disclosure is a stable addition to your collection. It is a true flat, having beards on all petals rather than weak standards being passed off as flats. Usually about 7 buds. Sdlg. TC342C: Hysteria sib X Downtown Man sib 

"Stole The Show T Johnson 2013 TB. This is a difficult Iris to photograph. Love the clean standards with the 'busy' sunburst signal around the beard. Flashy in the garden and is proving to be an interesting parent, throwing some strange patterned sunbursts. An easy grower."

Stole The Show T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 33” (84cm) Very appropriately named. You’ll keep coming back again and again for another look. Standards are bright mid yellow. Wide falls are darkest mahogany except for white starbursts that bleed into yellow at their edges and are lined dark mahogany. Nicely branched and budded. Sdlg. TB30C: Snapshot X Guardian Angel 

"Beacon Of Light T Johnson 2013 TB. Another bonus for this year. I debated on doing this as a bonus but it is such a strong grower and I have lots of stock. This one really grabs your attention from a distance. Many times I have had people point to it in the field and ask "What is that?" Extremely bright."
Beacon Of Light T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Early 34” (86cm) This Beacon of Light shines with a brilliance like few others. Bright white standards and falls. Falls have big, shaded mid purple centers and yellow hafts. As if that weren’t enough, orange beards add more color. Sdlg. TC72B: Painter’s Touch X Dinner Talk 

"Credentials T Johnson 2013 TB. A soft lilac pastel, this Iris will be on of the bonus selections. Extremely vigorous growth a little bit smaller flowers on a shorter stature. Very hard to capture the true essence of this one on film. It has a nice diamond dusted finish and is very elegant in person."

Credentials T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Early 34” (86cm) Standards are light blue. Wide and rounded falls are mid lavender blue. Beards transition from tangerine to near white to light violet. Growth is strong and vigorous and show stalks the norm. There is a light sweet fragrance. It should be an excellent parent for interesting fall patterns. Sdlg.TC342A: Hysteria sib X Downtown Man sib 

"Aukland T Johnson 2013 TB. This is for those of you who like brown Iris. Super strong growth and heavy bloom on show stems. This is a very easy doer and will be one of the bonus selections this year."
Aukland T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 38” (97cm) Brassy beige with darker hafts and light violet blaze below burnt orange beards. Well-branched stalks with up to 9 buds. Fast and easy increase. It has a light sweet perfume. Sdlg. TB129A: (Wintry Sky x Mango Daiquiri sib) X Audacious Amber 

"Faithfully Yours T Johnson 2013 TB. Comes from the cross of In Love Again X Secret Affair. We are bringing back the bonus choice Iris in the catalogue this year, where the customer gets to choose their own bonus based on the order amount. We didn't do it last year because of the new website and we were having difficulty getting it incorporated. Not sure yet which Iris will be offered for Bonus but Faithfully Yours is in the running."

Faithfully Yours T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Late 36” (91cm) You’ll be pleased with this pastel pink gem. Even the beard is soft pink. Each petal is lightly ruffled and laced. Strong growth produces well-branched and budded stalks. Sdlg. TA40B: In Love Again X Secret Affair 

"Coral Charm T Johnson 2013 TB. This is new introduction that I have had as a seedling for some time. Finally decided to release it. Form is a bit more tailored and buds are usually single sockets. However the stalks are well branched and the color is very clear and bright. Real strong healthy growth and those beards are enormous. Never has failed to wow me each year so has finally made the cut."

Coral Charm T Johnson 2013 TB
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason 35” (89cm) Coral Charm is all about color! It is one of those that immediately draws the eye away from everything else. Garden visitors bypass many other fantastic irises to get to Coral Charm. Form is simpler but you won’t notice because of the color. Pink base of standards becomes pink veining over white and then pale buff bands. Falls are a blend of hot pink to salmon. Vivid coral red beards make it even brighter. Even the buds are interesting. Creamy white of standards pushes out of pink falls before flowers open. Very cool. Sdlg. TZ104A: Tropical Passion X Impulsive

'Full of Grace' (TB T.Johnson 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Midseason-Late 38” (97cm) Classic form characterizes Full of Grace. Each petal is precisely ruffled. Standards are peach pink. White falls have darker peach pink hafts and narrow bands. Beards are peach coral. Show stalks have 7-10 buds. Sdlg. TZ175AA: Simply Sensational X Howler

'In The News" (TB T.Johnosn 2013)
(T.Johnson ‘13) TB Early 36” (91cm) Combine the rock solid performance of ‘In Living Color’ with the form and ruffles of ‘Hold My Hand’ and you get to be In the News. Bright yellow standards make it bright and cheery. Strong, healthy growth produces show stalks with 8-10 buds. Sdlg. TA18A: In Living Color X Hold My Hand
'Project Runway' (TB T.Johnson 2013)
 (T.Johnson ‘13) TB Early 37” (94cm) She walks down the runway in elegant silk and chiffon. All heads turn to acknowledge her understated beauty. Pearl standards are washed palest pink. Wide and ruffled pearl falls are blushed pink over hafts. Coral orange beards are added to draw your attention to her. Strong, well-branched stalks and vigrorous growth make it an outstanding garden iris. Sdlg. TB36C: (Brussels x Presentation) X Silk Run 

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