Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dahlias and an Iris Surprise!

The are such wonderful cut flowers, though they don't last for a long time, but you can see how "dinner plate" dahlias get their name.  This "White Perfection."  It displays well
with cobalt blue.

Last year I bought two window box size potted dahlias at Wegmans.  They were marked as "annuals," but I hoped that if I dug up and stored the tubers with my other dahlias they might come back.  I was far from disappointed.  They obviously are quite happy!


And as a surprise September  bonus these are the first blooms from irises that I liberated from a neglected garden in a public area next to my house.  They were buried under  taller plants and crowded beyond bloom.  I spread clumps around the gardens as a border accent.  I did not expect a fall bloom.  SDB I think but perhaps MDB or a species.

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