Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Year in IRISES! M-A part 1

Think Spring.  Mid America Garden's Thomas Johnson is posting their 2014 intros on Facebook. Here's part one.  Comments will be added later.

'Mesa Sunset' SDB (Black '14)
Thomas Johnson says, "There are lots of new intros at Mid-America again for 2014 in every category of Bearded Iris. Some I have posted before under seedling number but now they have names. The first one is a SDB of Paul Blacks called MESA SUNSET."

This is a pattern that I would call "galactic." I'm sure that plicata is the base idea, but I have seen peppered and sanded use for similar. I see the big bang or a galaxy of stars. Few flowers if any approach the the variety of colors and patterns that come together in the iris.  It's relatively short season makes the experience encountering the bloom even more special.
'Segue' SDB (Black '14)
Thomas Johnson says, "A fun Citrus blend of colors with a nice lemon fall rim."

I'm a sucker for the blush.

'First Lady of Spring' IB (Black '14)
Thomas Johnson says, "Crisp clean white with robust growth and stems galore!"

Kyle loves white!

'Stop and Stare' SDB (T. Johnson 2014)
Thomas Johnson says, "This one has been posted before as a seedling, now it is named. Stop and Stare is exactly what I did when I first saw this one bloom. I have loved this one since that maiden bloom. Very sharp contrast. The yellow in the standards is strongest in cooler weather and more white in warm weather. This is an early variety, blooming at the beginning of the season. Three buds and a fast increaser."

Love the combo: Early bloom, eye-catching bloom.  Sharp.

'Clouds Go By' TB (Black 2014)
Thomas Johnson says, "Wow, what a beard on this clean white with a cool blue fall edge. Good strong growth, buds and stems too."

This bloom is attractive in form and the blue edge is a detail that makes closer inspection worthwhile.

'Galaxy Quest' SDB (Johnson 2014)
I guess Thomas agrees with my "galactic" pattern idea!

'Having A Party' TB (Johnson 2014)
Thomas Johnson says, "A nice rainbow mix of colors. Very rapid growth on good strong stems with tons of buds. Flowers are moderate in size but there is plenty of them. Stunning in clump."

This is one of a group that Thomas has introduced that has a carnival look.  Maybe I need a "Circus" bed.

'Three Part Harmony' TB (Black 2014)
Thomas Johnson says, "I really like this one of Pauls. It is one of moderate size with a very graceful look. The colors are so clear and an unusual blend of pastels. It absolutely glows in the garden. It is one of those iris that catches your eye from a distance and draws you in. Love it!"

Here's where a growers description really helps.

I would like a bloom size for each and a field in the Iris Wiki.

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