Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Means New Iris Introductions

It's that time again.  The Schreiner's mini catalog arrived, so I was motivated to start looking around for some online intros.  My go-to hybridizers are Thomas Johnson and Paul Black at Mid-America.  The seedling below which I really hope will be introduced is described as a "peachy amoena."  I have always had a hard time understanding these terms but thought I had amoena down. An amoena has white standards and blue or yellow falls... I thought. So I went looking for a definition.  Rainbow Iris Farms says "white standards colored falls (REVERSE AMOENA is the opposite)." OK then!  But apparently the standards don't have to be purely white. This one looks to have lots of color from the base and be more buff that white.  I do love the elegance of this bloom in form, color, ruffle and veining.  Substance is the one thing a photo won't capture.

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