Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Purple Paws 2017

I'm a relative newby among irisians.  Please know that my lexicon is limited, but I won't let that stop me from sharing what I see and using the vocabulary that I have.

As the last tall bearded begins to fade it's time to review the year in iris bloom. This is one of the earlier bloomers to impress this year.

Paul Blacks 2014 introduction is 'Purple Paws.' It's lovely as single bloom.  Creamy yellow standards are peppered with a medium purple plicata.  The falls are whiter, edging in yellow. The purple lays on the shoulders and speckles to the edge.  laying on this a white beard is tipped with dark purple. 

'Purple Paws' (Paul Black, 2014 SDB)

The season's performance was excellent.  Planted in 2014, the clump has established itself well. The show began May 6 and continued for two weeks.  Less than a foot high the clump has a diameter of about 2 feet.  It's getting about time to divide...

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