Monday, May 13, 2019

The Next Wave Begins: Early SDBs

The next group of bearded iris are blooming.  The earliest of the Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB) irises have begun.  I urge you to stop by over the next few weeks.  You'll see a less well known, but very satisfying group called "medians."  Taller than the micro MDB (under 8") but shorted than Tall Bearded (TB) irises, they are are less than 27.5 inches.  If you have a smaller garden, have an area exposed to high winds, or can't be bothered to stake the 40"+ stalks, these are for you.  Here are some of the earliest in my garden.

You'll have to look hard to see some dots of color,
but it's worth the wander!

Take a stroll around and look carefully.  These little gems are perfect for almost any garden.  Some friends stopped by and asked me if the all irises were purple and white.  There's no doubt that those are the predominate colors, however there are colors from almost any part of the rainbow.  In fact Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.  The little fuzzy looking beards often supply a contrasting color as in 'Canadian Kisses' from hybridizer Paul Black below.

Bedford Lilac SDB

Canadian Kisses SDB

Ice and Indigo SDB

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