Monday, May 28, 2012

A Few More Orphaned Cultivars

Colors are so hard to capture.  My camera tends to add red.  In the picture of what might be Gypsy Romance, below, the colors is not bad, but it came up among many of the orphaned rhizomes from the great Borer Wars.  Research must be done.

Gypsy Romance?
This is a product of a large clump of rhizomes labeled "Master Plan."  It does not look like the AIS wiki photo... so it's off to last years pictures to try to ID.  Whatever it is, it has great form and substance.  The photo was taken late in the day. The setting sun has added a warmth.  Has anyone ever asked, "What color is the Grand Canyon?"  To be sure each layer of stone when isolated has a specific color.  Watching time lapse photography makes the above the unanswered question.  At any given moment in time any part of the the canyon could be almost any color.

Master Plan?

 Frisky Frolic was the first to bloom.  Well almost.  In any normal year it would be.  It's an IB and would only be upstaged by a SDB's and MDB's.  It still has a few buds.  I cannot believe that it was only one new rhizome last year! Thanks, David.

Frisky Frolic
 Here are two siblings, Exotic Isle and Exotic Star.

'Exotic Isle' (G. Plough, R. 1980). Sdlg. 74-38-13. TB, 33" (84 cm), EM.

'Exotic Star' (G. Plough, R. 1974). Sdlg. 69-17-6. TB, 36" (91 cm), EML
 2011 Intro from Paul Black is about to present itself.

Blushing (P.Black, 2011) Sdlg. O9YY, TB , 32" (81cm)

 One of my favorites, Gnu Blues, has opened its last bud of the season.

'Gnu Blues' (Brad Kasperek, R. 1993). Sdlg. 89-56B. TB, 36" (91 cm), M

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