Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Daylily Planting

The latest arrival for planting was a from Smokey Daylily Farms in Indiana.  They primarily seem to be a landscape supply house. To fill a garden with lots of daylilies at a reasonable price it seems a good option.  I was pleased with the look of most of what I received.  Where you see "(5)" in captions below I took advantage of a sale offering 5 fans of those varieties.   One cultivar, "Naranja," was missing from the order.

Today it is raining, so I am glad I got these into the ground yesterday.  Here they are:

Little Zinger (Lankart, '79 16x2.66" EM)
Fischer Award, 1986

Siloam Mama (Henry-P., '82 24x5.75" EM)
Spider Miracle (Henricks-W., '86 8.5" M)
Daring Deception (Salter, '94 25x5" EM)
Ed Murray (Grovatt, 1971, 30x4" M)
Stout Award '81, Lennington Award '83
Highland Lord (Munson-R.W., '83 22x5" MLa)
Munson Award 1983
Prester John (5) (Allgood, '71 26x5" EM)
Munson Award 1976
Siloam Red Toy (5) (Henry-P., '75 20x2.75 EM)
Fischer Award 1986
Condilla (Grooms, '77 20x4.5" EM)
Lennington Award 1991, Munson Award 1984
Kindly Light (5) (Bechtold, '50 29" M)
Olson Award 1989
Siloam David Kirchoff (5) (Henry-P., '86 16x3.5 EM)
Stevens Award 1995
Open Hearth (5) (Lambert, '76 26x9" M)
Red Mittens (5) (Meinemann-V, '66 24x2.5" MLa)
Fischer Award 1970
Red Ribbons (LenningtonG., '64 42x8" M)
Olson Award 1992

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