Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Iris Shipment -

It's that time of year when the irises ordered in the spring start to arrive.  My first shipment from a new supplier arrived today, and I have to say that I am very, very pleased!

First shipping speed and charges. I received notification on Monday that the iris shipped via priority mail from Denver. Colorado. I was told the shipment should take 1 to 3 days.  It took 2 days.  I was charged $14 for shipping and handling.  The postage was actually $12.  A very reasonable charge and the rhizomes were very nicely packaged.  The rhizomes securely nestled in wood excelsior.  I'm sure that newspaper is just as effective for packing, but it send that extra touch message.

No scruffy rhizomes here!  The fresh, healthy well-rooted rhizomes were labeled with a Sharpie very clearly.  I do like the plastic strips that some supplier staple on better in case I don't get them into the ground quickly.  If the leaves dry and curl this labeling can be hard to read.  I'll get mine into the ground soon, but when we order for the club it can be a problem.  Since only deals with tall bearded iris and they all have impressive fans it's certainly not a problem.

I was very pleased to see a couple of rhizomes were doubled.  Each one looks great, but it's nice to have a backup!

Most growers have a bonus program.  Some give you a choice.  Some give you a surprise.  I don't remember making a specific request, but along with the double rhizomes of two I ordered I received a 2012 introduction by Bob VanLiere, 'Colorado Expressions.'  It looks wonderful and will be a great addition to my garden.  I'll pair it with Sultan's Palace and Supreme Sultan when I plant it.

'Colorado Expression' (VanLiere 2013)

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