Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Greater Rochester Iris Sale ... A Great Success

'Wabash' TB Dykes Medal Winner, 1940 .. 2 left.  Read on.
Many people left with great irises at great prices,  GRIS made money for our on-going program, and many attendees learned how to divide, treat and plant irises.  It was a great day!

Jim and Betty got our sign in place well in advance.

The day of the event we were so busy no one had time to take pictures.
After hours of work, Nate took a well deserved break....

... but not for long!

Wendy's median advice was invaluable.

Demos and advice from a group of irisians really enjoying themselves!

The remaining stock was moved to 3873 Rush Mendon Road, Mendon, NY.  Come on down to see what's left through Saturday.

Koda likes the sign.  We'll be selling great home grown rhizomes through the end of the week.

Here area few of the cultivars left.  None are more than $3.00.  2 of those 1940 Dykes Medal winners.  Don't know what that is? Come find out!

'Chanted' SDB
'Princesse Caroline de Monaco' TB
'Spring Fresh' SDB

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