Friday, November 29, 2013

Some Winter Sunshine

Dahlia by Dalan Wells
Soon to be in the Collection of
Neil Houghton and Kyle Crawford

My Thanksgiving present to my self was a painting by our friend, Dalan Wells.

This fall, during the peak of dahlia season, Kyle and I were privileged to witness the wedding of Dalan Wells and Brandon Morgan.  These great guys are planning a more formal event in the spring, but were in New York and decided to legally tie the knot .  They'll have legal benefits for Dalan who is now a military spouse.

Dalan and Morgan
How can you have a wedding without flowers!  I headed to the backyard an picked some dahlias and and re-blooming iris 'Immortality' for the altar.

Dahlias and Iris at Home
The day after the wedding Dalan and Brandon dropped over for a tailgate and a tour of the garden. Dalan took many photos and here are some of the other paintings that resulted.

These two are still available at Dalan's Blog which will link you to various places to view and purchase his work.  Hint:  My Birthday is December 10th!

I hope that we can get Dalan (and Brandon, of course) back next spring for the iris bloom!

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