Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Median Awards 2013

Very few people begin their interest in irises with anything but tall bearded cultivars.  They make up bulk of what I grow.  But as I became more aware of the medians I found that they are enchanting, more wind tolerant and extend the bloom season.

What follows is clipped from the AIS/Iris Wiki  awards page and enhanced with some pics.  The photos are from the AIS wiki.  Only 'Many Mahalos' is in my garden.  Planted last summer in bloomed for the first time this fall.

THE KNOWLTON MEDAL, BB irises (Total votes cast = 261)
92 ‘Bundle Of Love’, (Paul Black)

Runners Up: 68 ‘Niche’, (Joseph Ghio); 60 ‘Zingerado’, (Lowell Baumunk); 41 ‘Border Guard’, (Joseph Ghio)

THE HANS AND JACOB SASS MEDAL, IB irises (Total votes cast = 278)
84 ‘Rimaround’ (J. T. Aitken)

Runners Up:
62 ‘Oblivion’, (Marky Smith); 53 ‘Many Mahalos’ (J. T. Aitken); 48 ‘Limonada’, (Keith Keppel); 31 ‘Dragonmaster’, (Marky Smith)

THE WILLIAMSON-WHITE MEDAL, MTB irises (Total votes cast = 251)
77 ‘Peebee And Jay’(Barbara & David Schmieder)

Runners Up: 70 ‘Redrock Princess’, (Jean Witt); 57 ‘Persona’, (Keith Keppel); 47 ‘Petit Louvois’, (Clarence Mahan)

THE COOK-DOUGLAS MEDAL, SDB irises (Total votes cast = 297)
29 ‘Wish Upon A Star’, (Paul Black)

Runners Up: 25 ‘Canadian Kisses’, (Paul Black); 23 ‘Big Blue Eyes’, (Paul Black); 22 ‘Pussycat Pink’, (Paul Black); 21 ‘Devil Baby’, (Keith Keppel); 21 ‘Spiderman’, (Donald Spoon)

THE CAPARNE-WELCH MEDAL, MDB irises (Total votes cast = 149)
39 ‘Trimmed Velvet’,(Donald Spoon)

Runners Up:
30 ‘Hobbit’, (Lynda Miller); 26 ‘Applet’, (Marky Smith); 25 ‘Wee Viking’, (A. & D. Willott); 17 ‘Spiderweb’, (Donald Spoon); 12 ‘Ruby Elf’, (A. & D. Willott)

THE CLARENCE G. WHITE MEDAL, AR & AB irises (Total votes cast = 112)
40 ‘Refiner's Fire’ (Peter McGrath)

Runners Up:
33 ‘Kalifa's Joy’, (Robert Annand); 25 ‘Persian Queen’, (Robert Annand); 14 ‘King Solomon's Mines’, (Elm Jensen)

THE WILLIAM MOHR MEDAL, AB irises (Total votes cast = 133)
47 ‘Egyptian Queen’, (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:
39 ‘Prince Of Egypt’, (Perry Dyer); 34 ‘Jallab’, (Keith Keppel); 13 ‘Nefret’, (Marky Smith)

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