Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Camera - Kodak Z990

Bloom time is here for bulbs and irises and daylilies are around the corner.  It was time for a new Camera.  Again.  My last one just gave up,

I have an Rebel EOS 35mm which has gathered dust since I went digital.  Kodak after Kodak digital cameras have resided here, as I moved slowly from 3 to 14 megapixels.  Being from Rochester, not buying Kodak would be like my Atlantan husband drinking Pepsi.  They became outdated or broken or lost.

30 years ago I bought a cutting edge SLR 35mm camera.  The Canon A-1 was the first with digital display LED display.  Below the picture in the view finder red LEDs displayed 1000 3.5 and I believe M or A.

Wanting to return to an SLR, but this time a digital camera, I started looking.  The Canon Rebel with a 35-80mm zoom was about as cheap as I could go.  If I wanted more features with Canon or Nikon I could pay $2000 or more.  Out of my price range to be sure, but I was willing to save up for a lower level model.

Then I got an offer from Kodak.  20% off all their products, They are phasing out their digital camera production, but promising to continue to offer support and service.  Sad, because they patented the technology, but let it get away from them.  So I started to consider the X990 Max, the top of their line.  Lots of features I liked about the Kodak cameras I have owned and 12 mp.  That's plenty for most of us.  The real selling point was a 30x Optical zoom. That's the equivalent of a 35mm 28-840 zoom!

At $299 it was not they much less than an entry level SLR. So, drop down to the 21x zoom without 1080p video and lose stereo mics and other features with the Z5010, or wait for the SLR.  When I noticed that the Z990 had a electronic viewfinder, which allows the SLR like ability to see the image even in bright sun I knew it was this or an SLR.

When the sale was advertised and the Z990 was now $239 I started shopping in earnest.  An Amozon vendor which allowed me to use my free 2-day shipping, offered the Z990 at $183.  That did it and now it is mine.  And here is one of the first pictures...

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