Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rainy and Cold in Mendon

Forty-one degrees and raining in Mendon...

It's a wonderful break. Yesterday was dawn to dusk in the garden.  OK, so as far as I know the sun is not up before 10am, but a lot of weeding, photographing and monitoring.  Although the weather report said it would rain today that was no guarantee so I made sure that new plantings and plants not showing growth got some help.  I also spotted the nasty little red lily bugs that have prevented the growth of any asiatic lilies in previous years chowing down. One suggestion on the web was to treat them with a 10% solution of ammonia.  What the heck.  Done.

Today then is devoted to posting some pics and observations that I haven't had a chance to get to. Later I will be out in the garden to capture a picture of Snowy River which has opened.

I will also be printing labels and and preparing to get back in the garden tomorrow, though it will be chillier that yesterday.  There is even a chance that snow will accumulate.  The good news is that temps should be above freezing.  A low of 35° is forecast.

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