Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tulips So Far This Spring

It's been a marvelous spring of tulips!  I planted lots of new bulbs in the fall and most have produced wonderfully.

The first to bloom was this Fosteriana tulip "Pirand."  It lasted well through several hard frosts. The other Fosteriana in my garden, "Juan" bloomed later.

Tulip Fosteriana - "Pirand" Early 12-14" (observed Early 14")
Tulip Fosteriana "Juan" Mid-Late 18" (observed Early 12")

Then came "Toronto" and "Quebec"... these early tulips are from the Gregii and Kaufmannia groups.  Mottled leaves and fluted bloom are typical of these compact and dense growers.  They are particularly suited for an exposed area where high winds won't mangle them.

Tulip Greigii "Orange Toronto" Mid-Early 14" (observed Early 12")
Tulip Kaufmannania "Quebec" Early 12-14" (observed Early 12")
From the Martha Stewart collection is Brown Sugar.  From a distance the reason for the name is obvious. It renders a beautiful bronze effect.

Tulip "Brown Sugar" Mid-Late 14-20" (Observed Mid-Late 16")
These triumph types did not have a cultivar name but they were also dirt cheap at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. The red and white is a favorite.  

Tulip Purple Triumph Type (Observed Mid 16")
Tulip Red and White Triumph Type (Observed Mid 14")
This was from the Biltmore collection.

Tulip "Tennessee" Mid Season 18-20" (observed Mid 13")
Packaged together these were from Lowes. I have discovered that if you are lucky you can get some great bulbs form Lowes... but you can also waste your money... and the prices are not really a bargain in the plant department. 

 Tulip "Angelique" Late 16-18" (observed early-mid 12")
Tulip "Blue Diamond" Early-Mid 12-20" (observed Early-Mid 12")
From Bristol's, a local nursery... "Mickey Mouse" is my favorite!  The painted look is really spectacular.

Tulip Kees Nelis Mid 16-18" (observed Mid 12")

Tulip "Kaiserskroon" Mid 12-14" (observed Mid 12")
Tulip "Mickey Mouse" Mid 12-14" (observed Mid 12")
Tulip "Gavota" Mid 16-18" (observed Late 14") 
Many have commented that "Angelique" blooms less prolifically and has less color the second season.  I have noticed that even the first year the color deepens rather than fades as the bloom is out...

Tulip "Angelique" 2nd season Late 16-18" (observed Late 14")
These are from a low priced, large quantity of Darwin Hybrid Mix. Though stunted by the strange spring, they are big and showy. I don't care for the combo of bright pink and Yellow/Red blooms.  I have marked the Yellow/Red bulbs to replant them in their own spot.

From Darwin Hybrid Mix (observed Mid 19")
Just bloom is "Happy Generation" and some others I cannot identify...

Tulip "Happy Generation" Mid 18" (Observed Late 13")
Tulip Unknown Peach-Pink (observed Late 16")
Tulip Unknown Purple White (observed Late 14")
Red Oxford and Gold Oxford are blooming as well. Some have yet to bloom or are lost.  

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