Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Unexpected Day Home

Kyle and I were looking forward to a trip to the Schnellinger's today.  But Koda work up with painful shoulder and Betty was kind enough to understand that we needed to stay home with him. He still is not using one leg, but he seems to be OK. He's eating and drinking water.

It has given me an unexpected day at home.  I finished clearing out the area in front by Karyn's yard where I will be planting a new white lilac, 'Betsy Ross.'

Then this evening I took a few general shots around the garden and now I am updating this blog!

Here's a general shot of bed A-1. The bi-color 'poem of ecstasy' dominates and a clump of 'night owl' provides a black hole.

Two "black" iris compete each other as blue siberians look on. There is no true black iris but these two show how the color is approached.  On the right the older cultivar 'night owl' relies on a deep blue-purple.  On the left, Dykes winner, 'Before the Storm.' is deep violet hued toward red.  The form of 'night owl' is also more traditional with a simple rounded fall.

'I'm on Fire' surely is!  This IB has bloomed nicely for more than two weeks.

I just like the combination of 'Silverado' and 'Honky Tonk Blues.

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