Saturday, June 1, 2013

Iris Open House

The festivities are over and it was great!  Betty and Jim stopped by early to help with the deadheading and I had to live with the beds that didn't get weeded.  Folks started showing up around 5, so next year a later start.  Besides Betty and Jim, Donna came from the Greater Rochester Iris Society.  I got lots of questions answered and advice and compliments that made me feel great.

Charlie and Judy Zettek came by.  It was agreed that Judy could satisfy her need to see iris by vistiing my garden.  He'll stick with his gorgeous daylilies and hybridize. Bonnie and Dick also came from St. Stephen's and Donna knew Charlie.  It was old home week.  David and Alice came from St. John's and Joe and Sharon came from next door.  I good buddy Bill was there and we yakked way into the night.

But best of all, the iris cooperated!  Here are some blooms that we present to entertain:

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