Thursday, May 30, 2013


My open garden tour is today!  I write this after midnight on Thursday.  It was a long day in the garden.  It won't be perfect, but it will look pretty darn good.

I also discovered some options for color adjustment on my camera which I will put to use tomorrow.  Here are some pics using the default settings which are not that good... but at least you can see that some new things are blooming!

Hope you can stop by...

Siberian 'Dance Ballerina Dance' Varner 1982 ?

'Art Form' Hager 1988

'Fall Fiesta' Schreiner 1992

'Feast of Kings' Black 2012

'Keeping Up Appearances' Black, 2000

'Mac Shawe' Spoon 2000

'Sharp Dressed Man' Johnson 2012

'Supreme Sultan' Schreiner 1987

1 comment:

  1. Neil, they are stunning! I think my favorite is the Fall Fiesta. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden!