Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update on Hosta 'Schnellinger' and others...

OK, so 'Schnellinger' is an honorific and not a registered name, but here it comes.  When visiting my friend Jim I admired this unnamed hosta and he sent it home with me.  I love the large puckered leaves.

Jim and Betty first gave me 'Queen Josephine'  which is doing nicely!  Another a new acquisition last year was 'Fire Island,' a gift from Wes Hyde.


  1. Something is eating my Hostas. I have the white flowered July blooming jasmine smelling ones. But half of them died off last summer.

  2. Jim said this morning that if the entire leaf is gone, you may have a deer problem. He also said that dormant shoots may grow in a few weeks.
    Betty Schnellinger

  3. Thanks, Betty! Bob, watch out for slugs and spray the area with "Liquid Fence" to keep the critters away!