Monday, May 20, 2013

Yellow Medians PLUS

These few days have been the days of yellow medians at Diamond Rise!

New last July from Mid-America is 'All is Bright'.  School bus yellow with orange beards its an attention getter!

SDB 'All Is Bright' Black, 2011
This much earlier Black intro (1981) is a rich golden yellow IB.

IB 'Harlow Gold' Black, 1981
 'Lemon Pop' is a 1980 intro from Larry Lauer.  A Sass Medal winner (Best IB), it is lemon yellow with more white beneath the
IB 'Lemon Pop' Lauer, 1980
And beyond yellow Starwoman continues to bloom.  It's on of two medians to win the coveted Dykes Medal as best Iris of the year.

IB 'Starwoman' Marky Smith, 1997 - Dykes Medal 2008

Blooming in my garden for a second year, 'Frisky Frolic' is performing well in upstate New York.  The increase is rapid and it is completely covered with buds.
IB 'Frisk Frolic' Black, 2008

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