Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orphan of the Day

Several years ago I bought a bargain bag of 20 unnamed iris rhizomes from Pleasant Valley Iris Farms.  About 5 of them were obviously not true to name.  They are beautiful, but I'd like to know their names. 

This was sold as Master Plan but it matches no picture or description of an iris that is "purple rose."

The buff-copper-rose falls and standards blend to a light buff at the base.  The bright yellow haft is the most clearly distinguishing feature. Flowers are large, full and heavily ruffled.

It's a favorite!  Can't enter it in a show however without a name.


  1. It is stunning what ever the name. Could it be Downtown Brown?

  2. Thanks for the guess Susan, but no. That's a new intro from Schreiners. This has been in my garden since 2009. It's also the same color in the standard and the fall (self).