Friday, May 19, 2017

May 18 More SDBs and IBs

Here are the current blooms in the SDB and IB category!

Obviously named for its bloom time in Oregon:

'April Fanfare' Black 2014 SDB
 The next for blooms were newly planted on 2016:

'Breathtaking' Black 2016 SDB
I have a lot of moving to do!  Many of my SDBs were planted in August forgetting where the daffodils were.  'Fauviste' was overwhelmed and almost overlooked.
'Fauviste' Bersillon 2011 SDB
A stunning SDB! 'Frankenberry' from Hugh Stout has rich velvety black-red falls with a diamond dust, complemented by hyacinth beard.  The form is lovely.  I sure hope that this grows well here!

'Frankenberry' Stout 2016 SDB

'Gate to Paradise' Black 2014 SDB
This has been in my garden for years.  It has not bloomed since its first year. I move it last year and am so happy to see it likes where it is!

'Hot Spice' Aitken 1989 IB
 Newly planted last year 'intellect' is tiny SDB and 'Jump Start' is in the dark color range with bright beards that always appeals to me.

'Jump Start' Keppel 2002 SDB
 "Many Mahalos' is a beautiful IB which is makes a great presentation.

'Many Mahalos' Aitken 2003 IB
An older IB of similar Color in a simpler form:

'Obligato' Stahly 1998 IB
 Planted last year, this little fellow is trying.

'Sapphire Gem'
Here's what an SDB can do when it's happy and established!

'Sapphire Jewel' Hamblen 1977 SDB
Cook-Douglas Medal 1984
'Stop and Stare' T. Johnson 2014 SDB
Tessie the Tease is my absolute favorite from our club order from Winterberry in 2015.  The photo does not do just to the amazingly bright yellow and substance.  This is a winner!

'Tessie The Tease' Crump 2006 IB
 Here a beauty that I have had for a few years.  It's liking the weather this year!

'Eye Of The Tiger' Black 2008 SDB

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