Thursday, May 18, 2017

Some Oops

Sometime things don't go as planned.  I just added 'Open Your Eyes' to my collection last year.  It snagged the Cook-Douglas Medal for best SDB. And it is a beautiful crisp blue and white gem.  Supposed to bloom at 15" like many of my SDBs it bloomed a little on the short side this year.  Well, more than a little!  No I didn't drop it there that's where it bloomed.  I do have a TB call 'Land Down Under."

'Open Your Eyes' or 'Land Down Under'
I have a great clump of IBs called 'Lemon Drop.'  Early on I noticed one bud that wasn't very lemony.  Sure enough it turned out to be a plicata that looked suspiciously like 'Starwoman."  After a comparison I am sure!  It will get marked and returned home.  I wonder how it managed to wander 30 feet during the winter?

Lemon Drop Interloper
The Lost Starwoman

'Starwoman' in her place.

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