Monday, May 15, 2017

More SDBs and the earliest IB!

A number of SDBs bloom with more than the expected set of petals.  This is often occurs in the first bloom.  I have seen as many 6 pairs of standards and falls. This cultivar consistently bloom with 4 of each.

'A Little Good News' T.Johnson 2014 SDB

This cream edged pumpkin orange was released posthumously from the seedlings of Bennett Jones.

'Bennett's Star' B.Jones 2013 SDB
Several shades of blue violet SDBs with light beards are blooming. 'Cliché' and 'Pulsator' are among them

'Cliché' Black 2002 SDB
'Pulsator' T.Johnson 2011 SDB
'Eye of Sauron' produced this tightly packed fireworks display. When I planted them I had forgotten the area was planted with daffodils.  'Sauron' had to fight his way for light and bloomed more like an MDB, but I love this little nosegay.

'Eye Of Sauron' Black 2009 SDB
'Jillaroo' is lovely in form and coloring.

'Jillaroo' Ensminger 1983 SDB
'Joyous High' T. Johnson 2016 SDB
'Line Drive' Sutton 2006 IB
'Pippi Longstockings' Innerst 1985 SDB

'Sapphire Gem' Schmelzer 1975 SDB Cook-Douglas Medal 1983
Labeled 'Soft Air'...
Unknown White IB rebloomer

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